Project Veritas Exclusive Tape of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Client Call
Project Veritas Exclusive Tape of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Client Call
VIDEO: Exclusive Tape of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Client Call Project Veritas released a new video today exposing a Bank of America Merrill Lynch [BOAML] employee admitting that his employer sides with big banks and hedge funds over individual investors.Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:Anthony Daniels,...
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video!) and I encourage you to share it widely:

Judicial Watch is your watchdog in Washington – Hillary Clinton knows who we are, and President Trump knows who we are. I’m not sure what Joe Biden knows, but millions of patriots across the nation know and support our heavy lifting to expose and stop government corruption. 

Judicial Watch is famous for using the Freedom of Information Act to figure out what the government is up to. No one has done more to uncover government corruption — from Benghazi to Clinton emails to Obamagate to the Biden family racketeering scandal.

The rule of law protects the high and low. But the corrupt Deep State and its partisan allies subvert the rule of law. They aimed high by targeting President Trump with illicit spying and contemptible abuses of his civil rights. 

President Trump is a crime victim.  

Who was behind the worst corruption scandal in American history/hqdefault.jpg" width="100%" style="padding-left: 0px;" alt="Fauci Investigation Update" title="Fauci Investigation Update">

Four Arrested After A Blockade at Major Vancouver Port
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The Most Unholiest Hoax In History!!  Must Listen As It Explains How Most Of The World Has Been Deceived By The Serpent!  The Serpent Is More Cunning Than Any Beast In The Field!  Must See!
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Bombshell!!  Satan Has A Race Of Children Here On Earth That Plan On Taking Over The World!  Find Out How The Tribes Of Jacob Lost Their Identity!  Must See Videos!
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