by N.Morgan   This video is of This is Dr. Noack, a chemist and graphene expert unlike any under in the EU. He got attacked on a livestream months ago by special police for laughable reasons. Now, just hours after publishing this work, the forces that be decided that he hit…

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Media Admits Vaccine Changes DNA... And It's A Good Thing! Supporting Theory That It's An Alien Hybrid Program!!

The Vaxed Must Be Quarantined: World Health Organization's European Advisory Group on Immunization, former VP Professor Perronne:  All vaccinated people must be quarantined through the winter months or risk severe illness. Explosive Bombshell

Dorsey Steps Down- I believe there is a big storm coming honey. JUST IN - Epstein's pilot names Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Kevin Spacey, and others at the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Buckle up and hold the line.

Astroworld Deaths Explained With Massive Speakers "Sweet Spot" Meets Graphene Oxide Theory!! Imagine A Crowd With Razor Blades In Their Blood (Graphene Oxide) Which Is Agitated By Massive Sound System, And All Your Organs Pressed Tightly Together!!  

Matthew’s Message for Dec. 1, 2021

The Insanely Dark Story Behind “Poltergeist” and its Young Star Heather O’Rourke

The Hive Mind Cloud Omicron Beast System Is Here! EU's Plan To Replace Farms. No Vax, No Food/Fuel In India To Force Injections. Canada Having A Terribly Large Number Of Still Births. Pfizer Confirms Secret Ingredient In The Shots!

UK Cardiologist Confirms American Heart Association Report that COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Heart Attacks

California: Fed. Court Bans large capacity Ammunition Magazine/A LITTLE GUN HISTORY

A Hybrid of the Joining of Roses and Bougainvillea, Mostly for the Poetry of the Thorns Born of the Union.

Federal Trade Commission forgets Biden is president

White House Using ‘Omicron’ as Excuse for Stricter Covid Testing of Travelers

People of New York Uniting Against MANDATES. Taking Action!

OMICRON INVASION: Are You a Survivor?

America & Europe will Collapse like The Soviet Union says Russian Expert — Global Recession in the Next 6 Months Guaranteed

Trump Tells America To Prepare For Week “That Will Change History” — The Damage Has Been Done And The Consequences Will Be Suffered: — The Controlled Collapse Can’t Be Stopped Declares America Bankrupt

Another Defeat for Biden’s Federal Vaccine Mandate

Russia Issues Biden “Very Dangerous Delusion” Warning As Germany Plots European Takeover

More Professional Athletes’ Careers Ended by Heart Damage From COVID Vaccine

Craig Murray Released From Scottish Prison

The Release Of Pain For All! Please Join This Powerful Petition That Spreads To The Entire Cosmos!!

BREAKING WARNING AND PLEA TO THE WORLD: Aboriginals Hunted By Military... Children Jabbed By Force!!

‘1984’ – By Lukas Lion

Watch Fauci Turn Into a Demon Live on Air (Video)

Ann Vandersteel & Charlie Ward: You Have God Given Rights, Fight for Them! (Video)

Michael Jaco: Big Updates, The Narrative Will Go 180 on the Deadly Jabs and the Enforcers May See Treason Charges (Video)

Juan O' Savin: Updates and The Healing Hands Of God (Video)

IL: Chicago Woman Fires at Carjacking Suspect (CCW)

Will Our Nova Structures Last?

Today, Dec. 1, 2021