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Putin Bombs Biden's Villa - The "Cures" Act - No Mercy for Child Traffickers - Gesara/Nesara - Ukraine Cleansing - In The Midst Of The Storm News

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sun. 20 March 2022 Compiled Sun. 20 March 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: ―Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.‖


The Cures Act: Long-Calculated Plan to Mass Murder the American People

Judy Note:

 There were 333 CIA funded Bio-weapon labs across the globe ready to release Pathogens on the population – until Putin ―invaded‖ Ukraine and began destroying them while rescuing children in Underground Tunnels beneath Biden-owned Ukraine property.

 Tier4B (us, the Internet Group) was believed scheduled to begin exchanges the early part of next week.

 Global shortages of food, fuel and goods continued.

 170,000 Illegals were amassed on the US Southern Border ready to storm across when Biden ended Trump‘s Covid rules.

 The Rockefeller Foundation Think Tank planned the Pandemic back in 2010.

   Russia-Ukraine “War” Connected to CV-19 and Bio-Weapon Labs across the globe:

 Covid 19 did not escape from Wuhan. With the court-ordered release of Pfizer documents on 1 March, we were just now discovering that North Carolina University Chapel Hill level 4 lab. of Duke University was the origination point of Sars Covid 19.

 The real truth was that hundreds of U.S. funded 333 Biolabs across the world received the SARS and other pathogens from the U.S, grew the Pathogens in mass formation (multiplied the production of the SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola, ect) and then released the Pathogens in sequence on many countries.

 The Russian so-called attack on Ukraine created a False Flag War. The real purpose of Putin going into Ukraine was to destroy the thirty-three US CIA funded Bio-Weapon labs in Ukraine – the center of Deep State Operations. The Pathogens were set to be released on the public next Fall as part of the Depopulation Plan of the Deep State. The latest Pathogen was designed to kill only people of a particular race – Russian

 Meanwhile Ukraine Nazi Deep State government was killing it‟s own people and blaming it on the Russians. Another Ukrainian OTR-21 Tochka ballistic missile was found at the port of Berdyansk. This one too was intercepted by Russia air defenses before the warhead could reach its target. Russian troops claim that Ukraine was launching its limited stockpile across the front lines, and at cities and towns far to the rear, where there were little to no Russia troops. It was believed that Kiev wanted to use as many of it‘s missiles as possible now, before remaining launchers and missiles could be destroyed in Russian airstrikes while in transit or storage.

 While the Main Stream Media distracted the public with fake news about Ukraine – the center of Deep State operations – the Play Book of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Chinese Communist Party and Khazarian Mafia called for controlling civilization through a war on food distribution and digital banking in an operation named Lock Step.

 Having created hunger and starvation by interrupting global food supply chains,  the Deep State government would then step in as heros and give out food rations and free money, but you would have to register through their digital banking system that controlled your banking and connection to the new system.

 If you broke any agreements of a long worded pressed digital document, your bank accounts and assets would be frozen. You could not speak/write or share misinformation on the current pandemic procedures, vaccines, virus origins, war info. That would contradict the mainstream narration.

 While the White Hats were behind the scenes channeling this Deep State Lock Step Plan into a Great Awakening and Global Currency Reset, it was strongly advised to have enough food, fuel, cash and essential supplies for 30-90 days.


 Russian President Vladimir Putin told President Trump on Tuesday that the Russian military had destroyed a variety of foreign bioweapons facilities running loose in Ukraine until his military took decisive and strategic action to rid the corrupt nation of what he called satanic influence, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.

 While much of the nation sat in front of televisions and computers watching the illegitimate president’s State of the Union address – in a room half-filled with impostors – Putin and Trump held a 20-minute phone conversation from his command center at Mara-Lago in which they once again discussed the Russian leader’s real reasons for attacking Ukrainian sovereignty.

 In the first half of the conversation, Putin briefed Trump on his efforts to destroy Western-sponsored bio labs in Ukraine, which he called an “eyesore” in a oncebeautiful landscape. According to Putin, who in 7 days has become the world’s most villainous villain, replacing Xi Jinping, the Russian military has wiped out: 11 U.S. State Department/Department of Defense-funded bioweapons facilities, 4 German toxic chemical research centers, 3 Swiss nanotechnology centers, 1 French biotech consortium, and 3 Israeli laboratories that were feverishly working to develop aerial rabies. In addition, Putin claimed that his forces had conducted precision attacks on mobile bio labs (18-wheeled transporters that had been insecurely converted to makeshift labs) that were attempting to transport deadly pathogens across the Ukrainian border into Poland. He told Trump that Russian SU-35 aircraft used laser-guided munitions to eliminate the roving labs.

 Putin said his warplanes destroyed a 200-acre villa owned by Biden 35 km west of Kiev. He insisted that Biden was deeply involved in Ukraine’s criminal activities and promised Trump he would soon provide the world with “all the evidence it needs.” Moreover, Putin claimed that “many people in Biden’s demonic den” were benefiting
massively from the “conflagration of evil” that had taken hold on Ukrainian soil. Twenty of Biden’s fellow foreigners, Putin said, were killed in the attack.

 In addition, Putin continued to characterize stories of his madness as Western propaganda and refuted stories of mass defections or of his convoys running out of fuel and food. He also rejected Western claims that his troops were committing war crimes by indiscriminately bombing and shelling innocent civilians.

   On New Year‟s Day 2021 Delta Forces raided Joe Biden‟s 200 acre property in the Ukraine where they found a maze of underground chambers and tunnels that ran for miles in every direction.

Bits of necrotic flesh hung from ankle and wrist shackles bolted to the walls. The next day Biden was placed under arrest and released wearing his own ankle bracelet.

Seized laptops were said full of evidence of a massive international money laundering, gun/ drug running, child/human trafficking scheme – that appeared connected to other high powerful elites – including SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts,

Biden‘s and Robert‘s crimes against Humanity appeared connected through the CIA, along with nine other intelligence agencies including the FBI. The covert agencies appeared to be running a human trafficking, gun and drug running ring used to blackmail political elites. All was being funded by US taxpayer dollars funneled through the CIA – long known to have worked with Jeffrey Epstein and his Pedophile Island in the blackmail of political and global elites.

On the Biden Ukraine property the military seized $300 million in gold bullion, Chinesemanufactured Type 56 assault rifles, tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition, laptops and in an underground antechamber were twelve duffel bags filled with black tar heroin.

The Ukraine Biden estate was found to be the headquarters of Paradine Global Advisors. In the late summer of 2006 the Biden family bought Paradine as a hedge fund and fired 95% of staff.

By June 2009 the company was found to be a slush fund for laundering money.–dj2-CY 5 Jan. 2021: Biden Arrested, SCOTUS Roberts Caught, CIA Child Trafficking, Gun and Drug Running Ring Exposed | Politics | Before It’s News (


 There will be no mercy given for all those who brought harm to our children. Adrenochrome Harvesting in Underground Facilities by Satanists, Reptos and Bastards. Russian Pedo Hunters. Nothern Storm:

 Epstein Island Dungeon: Sex/Torture Rooms! Sex Trafficking Is Real! Justice [Pain] Coming! No Escape!


 Millions of Americans will have their medical debt WIPED from credit reports: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion to strip billions of dollars from record – allowing people to get home and car loans previously denied. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion all announced Friday they would collectively wipe 70 percent of a reported $195 billion deficit from their collection accounts.

 The change targets already paid debts still stuck in collections, which can mar a consumers’ credit report for up to seven years even after they’ve been paid off.

 The firms are also planning to remove all unpaid debts of less than $500 in the first half of 2023 – a threshold that could rise, sources close to the matter said

 Under the companies’ new guidance, new unpaid medical debts won‘t get added to credit reports for a full year even after being sent to collections

 Outstanding medical costs can result in consumers being denied loans for cars homes, and college, as well as applications for property purchases and rentals

 The change announced by the three credit giants – the world’s three largest consumer credit agencies – seeks to aid those negatively affected by those debts…

   17 March 2022 Putin Updates Trump on Ukraine Cleansing, Michael Baxter:

On Wed. 16 March the mainstream media went abuzz when Russian leader Vladimir Putin said he had the might and will to put Western governments ―in their place,‖ but instead of framing the statement in proper context, news agencies across the world again accused Putin of threatening nuclear war—a cataclysmic calamity Putin has told President Trump he will not instigate.

 Putin and Trump have had several telephone conversations on which Putin outlined his true goals—destroying Western-funded bioweapon labs and ―crushing‖ pedophile rings—and updated Trump on military progress. On a Wednesday evening call he repeated his mission statement and said the criminal Biden regime was mischaracterizing and distorting his statements, and often omitting key translations, to further paint him as a maniacal madman hell bent on conquest and world domination, a Mar-a-Lago source told


This response to a virus has been planned since 2010. The Rockefeller Foundation had a think tank to create scenarios to increase governmental authority and power over their citizens.

It‟s all there for your own eyes from lockdowns, quarantines, curfews, and masks. Here are some links and the complete version of The Rockefeller Foundation’s ‘Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development’ including OP Lock Step: predicted-how-a-pandemic-can-be-used-as-an-excuse-to-establish-global-authoritarianpower/


 “Like many world leaders, Putin doesn‟t see Biden as the rightful president of the U.S. That‘s why he won‘t talk to him—only Trump. Putin‘s said several times he won‘t be the one to trigger a nuclear Armageddon, but Team Biden wants the world to believe he‘ll do just that. At least according to Putin, he‘s been ridding the Ukraine of what he‘s called Western ‗pestilence,‘ and won‘t stop until he‘s absolutely certain all biological research centers and storage facilities are accounted for and wiped out, and he‘s destroyed all the pedophile dens across Ukraine. That and he‘s still hunting down Western bio scientists in hiding,‖ our source said.

As of Putin‟s last update, the Russian military had tracked down and “eliminated” 7 of 19 bioweapon engineers, and Spetznas had freed over 5,000 child trafficking victims. ―This is a mission that must be done, President Trump. These scum must be stopped,‖ Putin reportedly told Trump. ―You do believe me, don‘t you, President Trump.‖

“My inclination is believing the opposite of whatever craziness the Deep State says,” Trump replied. Moreover, our source said Putin‘s kindness toward American children has cemented Trump‘s belief that Putin‘s mission, at least in part, is righteous and just.

Five American children who had been imprisoned in Ukrainian child trafficking camps have returned home, reunited with their families.

Additionally, Putin has given Trump irrefutable evidence that Russian forces had selectively targeted bioweapon storage buildings while taking great pains to avoid causing civilian casualties. That evidence is said to include photographs and videos that the MSM refuses to air.

Although Putin claimed he has no interest in harming Americans—unless they‘ve taken up arms on behalf of Zelenskyy—the same does not apply to the criminal regimes of Joseph Biden and Boris Johnson.

“Putin told Trump point blank he‟d issued a „kill-on-sight‟ edict for members of the U.S. and U.K. administrations. If any of them are spotted in Russia or Ukraine—it‘s open season,‖ our source said.

   Spies who lie: 51 „intelligence‟ experts refuse to apologize for discrediting true Hunter Biden story.

   Facts Matter (March 18): Hunter Biden Laptop Confirmed to Be Authentic by New York Times and DOJ; Secret Emails Being Investigated.

   Ukraine History Catherine Austin Fitts and Karel van Wolferen discussed Ukraine, NATO, the EU and Putin’s shocking chess moves in Davos

 Karel van Wolferen is a writer, journalist, professor, publisher and one of the most respected experts on geopolitics in the Netherlands. Catherine Austin Fitts visited van Wolferen last week to discuss in detail his views on the events in Ukraine and how they relate to the desire to establish centralized control around the world.

 They started by discussing the historical context of what is happening in Ukraine today. According to van Wolferen, in 2014 there was a coup d’etat in Ukraine, in which George Soros played the main role. Adding that “Victoria Nuland, who was deputy Secretary of State in one case or another, once boasted that they spent $5 billion to go so far as to make this coup, although she did not call it a coup.” He turned Ukraine from a sovereign country into a country remotely controlled by Washington and, more directly, controlled by the CIA to conduct more detailed operations, false flags and so on.

 In the last two years, Europe and the countries of the “Five Eyes” have probably suffered more than the United States, and in a different way, from a criminal syndicate that tried to establish a supranational totalitarian system with the World Economic Forum as an important coordinating body, an organizational center, van Wolferen explained, “and in the long run this will create a slave-owning society”.

 This is a really thought-provoking and mind-opening discussion that you definitely need to listen to. During the discussion , van Wolferen stated:

 “Putin has taken up Davos. This is the first challenge to Davos, the World Economic Forum, Gates and many others. Because of the sanctions, he created a new geo-economic system.”

 “The European Union turned out to be a monster. A really terrible thing. The EU may well become the most dangerous thing for Europe if this continues.

 “WHO will be the sole authority over all UN member states. This means that Bill Gates has become a great authority in the world over everyone. This is design. It’s unbelievable.”

 “Russia is the first challenge to all this. This is the first challenge to Davos. The first real challenge. You see, your scheme is much more optimistic than mine, so I want to stay with your system,” Fitts said.

 The answer is pathogens are easily disrupted by the air, water, fire ( heat) (cold) surrounding atmosphere.. Including the chemical compounds created by the Earth, trees and plants.. photosynthesis and chemical reactions in oxygen. (Climate changes include alternations in one or more climate variables including temperature, precipitation, wind, and sunshine. These changes impact the survival, reproduction, or distribution of disease pathogens and hosts, as well as the availability and means of their transmission environment.)

 Wuhan Connected NC Baric Lab create New mRNA Vaccine Against Multiple Coronaviruses; Funders Include NIH-NIAID; NCI; Chan-Zuckerberg; BioNTech; NC Coronavirus Relief Fund

 The notorious University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Baric Lab, which previously turned a bat coronavirus into a human coronavirus, which could cause an epidemic (and pandemic), and has been connected to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, claims to have ―developed an mRNA vaccine that protected mice against a range of coronaviruses.‖ And, allegedly, ―the results point the way toward a universal coronavirus vaccine that could prevent future pandemics‖ (NIH news release July 20, 2021)

 Funding-support includes by a Burroughs Wellcome Fund (Postdoctoral Enrichment Program Award); Hanna H. Gray Fellowship from the Howard Hugues Medical Institute; NIH NIAID T32 AI007151; NIAID F32 AI152296; Chan Zuckerberg Initiative; North Carolina Policy Collaboratory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with funding from the North Carolina Coronavirus Relief Fund established and appropriated by the North Carolina General Assembly; National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), NIH, US Department of Health and Human Services awards, BioNTech SRA; as well as an animal models contract from the NIH (HHSN272201700036I).

 BioNTech investors Thomas and Andreas Struengmann who, because of the mRNA vaccine, are now the richest Germans. Their maternal grandfather was one of the German General Kruegers a NAZI. The Struengmann father was a (Lutheran) German doctor in the Nazi period, too. Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance‘s Ukrainian father Had fought with the Nazi SS. Baric‘s father also fought with the Croatian SS.


 THE CREATION OF THE VIRUS, BIOWEAPON VACCINES are becoming more and more evident as the DEEP STATE CABAL try to create a WAR to cover up… The CRIMES OF THE CENTURY<

 TRUMPs exposure of a Stolen ELECTION, connects the world to a deep state plot and world CABAL SYSTEM that has enslaved and tricked humanity for hundreds of years.. And if not.. Thousands< 

   THE REAL NEWS FOR SAT. 19 March 2022:

 Ukraine and the Deep State Khazarian Mafia Nazis: Former Australian Special Forces Commander Riccardo Bosi on Ukraine: “Ukraine is the center of the deep state. It’s the head of the snake and Vlad’s taking the head off. Ukraine has been the center of the globalists for decades and decades…The CIA has been working in the Ukraine for 70 years. Ignore all the chatter about nuclear war and Russia’s attempts to take over the globe. Completely the opposite. Do your own research and stop watching the mainstream media.” Status / Gab Social

 Ukraine in Flames. After the fall of Yanukovych as Ukrainian president, Hollywood film producer Oliver Stone reveals the role the United States played in destabilizing the region. Documentation:

 “We are fighting for the ‘New World Order’!” says Ukrainian MP.

 Ukraine and Joe Biden: Joe and Hunter Biden have assets in Ukraine located next to the second longest tunnel system in Eastern Europe through which drugs, weapons, children, people and Adrenochrome were transported – 32,000 miles of D.U.M.B.S. Odessa (Ukraine), Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden. 28 Dec. 2020: Biden Charged With Stealing Ukraine Billions, Treason for Communist Interference in 2020 Election | Politics | Before It’s News ( 11 Nov. 2020: Biden, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi Tied to Voter Fraud, Child Trafficking? | Politics | Before It’s News (

 A neo-Nazi from “Right Sector” was a sniper and confessed to killing 33 civilians. He knows what awaits him. There is no moratorium on the tower.

 “We were like cannon fodder! 85% of the damage to the city was caused by the Azov,” – refugees from Mariupol.

 Ep. 2729b – Stage Set, Ukraine Freedom, Biden Compromised, A Traitor‟s Justice:

 WARNING: 170,000 Illegals were amassed on the US Southern Border ready to  storm across when Biden ends Trump‘s Covid rules. Since Jan. 2021 every single action by Joe Biden and the Democrats has resulted in the total destruction of the American way of life. Hell was about to break lose at the U.S. border. Already there has been thousands of killings in the past months. Weapons trafficking, human trafficking, drug smuggling and a Fentanyl Epidemic was coming through Mexico at the highest levels in history. Tens of thousands of trained terrorist were waiting/ coming through the Border.

SPIRITUAL RESET by KomorusanQ714

The sons of God lost control of Creation due to the worthless concepts of spirituality that the hybrid human serpent seed bloodlines created for us. We are born in our Father’s Love genetically encoded with His Righteousness we have a moral compass and know right from wrong.

Trump was born to complete the task that Jesus started. He knew the time would come to answer his calling to stand up and step in at this time in human history. Trump is not bound to any religious indoctrination and therefore he’s totally receptive to what has to be done so that our Heavenly Father’s will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.

It’s the cleansing and rebirth of our Earth. It’s the “Second Coming” where all original creation will be restored. Unless we understand how we surrendered our discernment to the doctrines of vipers, we will fall again. United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

The Pagan Gospel Of The Church Replaced The Gospel Of Jesus The Irrefutible history behind Roman Emperor Constentine’s ability to implement his pagan practices into the bible canons that begun at the Council of Nicaea in 325ad and ended at the Council Of Carthage in 397ad when the official bible rolled out. 

The Book Of Revelation Is Part Of The Programing. The irrefutable history behind the book of Revelation.

The Nephilim Used Religion To Divide And Conquer The Sons Of God

The Globalist Globe To Be Exposed Next Watch The Water: The greatest challenge we will ever face is the ability to deprogram ourselves to the truth about our earth.

It’s about ending what has plagued our earth for thousands of years. The nephilim hybrid human demonic race feed on our children and through the abduction scenario, took our children to D.U.M.B’s to experiment, torture, extract adrenochome, traffic and genetically modified themselves to look like us. The nephilim are no longer the giants of old with two rows of teeth with six fingers and toes. They’re the new men of renown who control all governments on earth which allows them to do their evil degenerate activities, genetic experiments and satanic rituals underground. This video shows how for many generations parents have been abducted and used to be manipulated genetically themselves and their children. They can’t survive without our DNA. They’ve been doing this for thousands of years.

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    • bo

      It is way past time that the people call for retribution on the Rothschilds family castle. crush it with 2 missals from Putin . Then we go from there..

    • kilroy

      Putin claims to have all the names and addresses of all high level criminals world wide. Claims he can use conventional means to take them out. That would be good news and and a welcome relief if that Davos bunch of NAZIs were taken off the table for good.
      No need for Nuclear weapons. Great!
      However, we all know what happened in Japan and who arranged it. So there are nukes in place all around the world. A dead man’s switch of sorts. Putin should send out his special forces units and grab up all of these career criminals and interview them old school. Gather all relevant intel and act on it. If he does not do any of that within a short amount of time it is just more proof he is also controlled and on their side. Just like every other put into place world leader that attended the WEF young NAZI indoctrination program. Go on line and read the list of alumni. It is literally a who’s who of controllers world wide. Media, business, politics, as well as finance. The names are a matter of public record. This is a very small and exclusive club that we the people will never be apart of. So don’t put too much faith in or expect any help from any Country or Politician anywhere. If we want this to end we will have to do the heavy lifting.

    • Naomhniall

      Ahh, tell me how a 20 or 30′ giant breeds with a 5′ tall woman? Or, how,….oh never mind.

    • Archiebunker

      Are there not enough people having sufficient intellect, know how and wherewithal to take out a bunch of unelected grandeur delusional wannabe Bond villians?
      Donald trump won the election AND EVERYONE KNOWS THAT, except for the voluntarily clueless normies, and the willfully deceived and happy about it libtards, on who’s behalf, to wake them up, we are enduring the foolishness of dmbfck biden. Vladimir Putin is taking care of business, and not listening to a bunch of whiney leftist bitches, AND I APPLAUD HIM FOR THAT! Elon Musk, chalenging VP to an old fashioned THROWDOWN has wherewithal a plenty as I see it. Trouble with him is I can not tell if he is a Patriot or a globo-libtard double agent. UNTIL THAT is determined, his money isn’t worth a pile of sawdust.

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