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Prepare for Code Red Zero Day C19 Narrative Kill Big Announcement - Macron Wins Rigged Election - Fake Wars Rumors of Wars - 2020 Election Fraud - White Hats Intel - Secret Service Investigation

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 25 April 2022

Compiled Mon. 25 April 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

Dark to Light, Trust the Plan they say.

I’ve waited 17 years for these last 65 hours.

Follow The White Rabbit.

For forty days the flood kept coming on the earth, and as the waters increased they lifted the ark high above the earth.
Genesis 7:17

As waters recede, riverbeds reveal.
…JFK Jr.


Judy Note:

You’re Officially Inside the Storm of the Century: Inflation, shortages, job loss, Market Crash

Prepare for Zero Day: Massive Cyber Attacks. C19 Narrative Kill Fate: Election Day +1 [25th April]? The Only Way is the Military…Q

Code Red BIG Announcement 5.5 2022. This Is It. The Hour Is Upon Us. The Storm Is Coming. They Are Not Prepared. I Am Back. …JFK Jr.

     “I have a very strong feeling next week is going to be wild.”…Whiplash347

On Fri. 22 April at 6:00 am EST the global launch of funds took place in all parts of the world according to Head of the Redemption Committee Charlie Ward.

Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) was expected to receive notification to set appointments by Mon. 25 April.

We’re headed for the greatest Economic Crash of the 21st Century – that will take years to rebuild.

China Communist Party, US Deep State Making Billions off of Covid, Vaxes.

Fauci owns the patent on SARS COV-2gp120 HIV insertion, which destroys the body’s cancer-killing T cells.

A review of recently published Pfizer documents needed 161 lawyers because the crimes were of such an extraordinary scale that we are just now beginning to understand what has actually been done to the American people and people around the world.”

Dr Yan Li-Meng was one of the first scientists outside the Wuhan Institute of Virology to analyze SARS-CoV-2 in January of 2020 where it was conclusively determined that the virus was engineered in the lab by the People’s Liberation Army in 2017, to be a bioweapon for the purpose of “destroying the world economy, social order and civilization so as the Chinese Communist Party could control the planet.”

     Thurs. 21 April Fleming, The Holdup:

The holdup is obviously the ISO 20022 assimilation of each nation’s currency, verified and managed under that nation’s asset-backed digital currency. The real holdup though, is the inability of these nation states to verify / qualify the valuation of their new digital currency vs the “fix” that has been in place. Venezuela and Iraq are two countries held in the hands of deeply entrenched cartels. The same corrupt, vicious, controlling authorities that have usurped the People’s assets for decades – two countries that have seen military “takeovers/insurrections” and typical escalation/inflation of their currency values, and with no correlation to their national wealth.

According to all channels, whether these nations that are unable, or unwilling to cooperate under the New Quantum Financial System matters not. Come what may, the QFS will have a verified, qualified valuation on their new (digital), currency value to manage international trade on the world stage, by the end of the month. May 1 sees the new System launch around the world. The details are all in. The acceptance and acknowledgment by the prevailing authorities is all that is needed. Whether the “prevailing authorities” remain in power is the only question.

     The Real News for Sun. 24 April 2022:

New Mexico Governor Declares State of Emergency Due to Wildfires:

Blackrock, Vanguard Own the World:

April 13, 1953: Central Intelligence Agency director Allen Dulles authorizes the MK-ULTRA project.

Macron wins re-election in France rigged election, just like 2020. Massive protests expected Sun. evening 24 April when election results were announced.

In 2013 it was a village in India that Billy Gates of Hell and wife were administering vaccines, but the children were getting diseases really fast. The villagers connected the diseases to the vaccines and they hung them both. Sounds unbelievable? Look up Melinda Gates on

Fauci owns the patent on SARS COV-2gp120 HIV insertion, which destroys the body’s cancer-killing T cells. Fauci, Gates, Moderna and the WEF own this Plandemic, AIDS and the airborne HIV.

     Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

The American Famine of 2022, Greg Reese:

Hmmm…..OK. What if, the food processing plants were being destroyed on purpose, but for good reason? What if the farmers were made to eliminate the poisonous crops, the chemtrails created? Daddy T gave a chit ton of $ to our farmers in the beginning of the plandemic, remember? What if that money was to grow new, healthy crops, to replace them? The farmers only said the govt was making them destroy them, but actually WHO was, that govt? 🤔 The new chem-trails are therapeutics, to repair us, our land and water, that had been poisoned for years now. Maybe the “food shortage” is actually the “transitioning period” in between? Removing the poisons? Just what if?????

     Global Economic Crisis:

Santa Surfing: Here we go! I am surprised the markets didn’t shut down! LME not selling Gold and Silver Futures after July (do I hear sqa-eeze?) Melvin Capital shutting down end of June! Big Banks took a 16% (plus) loss in the first quarter! Countries banning the USD! Wells Fargo just laid off 550 ppl in the Mortgage Department!  The Housing bubble is about to bust! Get ready, it’s going to be a wild ride. WOO-HOO!!!

     Fake Wars and Rumors of Fake Wars:

Russia warns it will deploy ‘Satan 2’ nuclear missiles ‘capable of hitting UK’ by Autumn:

     Covid/Vax Hoax:

China to US Making Billions off of Covid:

A review of recently published Pfizer documents by a group of lawyers. Dr. Wolf briefly spoke about the large team of lawyers assigned to examine Pfizer documents in order to restore justice to those who suffered from injections against. “A lot is becoming known. We need 161 lawyers because the crimes are of such an extraordinary scale that we are beginning to understand what has actually been done to the American people and people around the world.” She goes on to say that she is pleased with the tremendous help she and others receive in their quest for truth and justice. She said she was equally saddened by the results they had encountered so far in examining Pfizer’s documents. “Pfizer has conducted one or more studies with rats and mice. Thus, they studied lipid nanoparticles and where they fall. This is what makes BioNTech so happy. These are hard, fatty shells that are injected into the body along with the mRNA of the vaccine. BioNTech is excited about this technology because they want to use it for other purposes, such as giving you medications, getting data about your heart, and so on. But in this case we are talking about the mechanism by which the mRNA of the vaccine enters the body.” “Do you remember how the CDC and the FDA assured you that the vaccine remains in your bicep, in your arm, when it is injected into you. But these studies show that this is categorically not the case, at least when it comes to these mammals. The vaccine leaves the muscles within 48 hours, enters the bloodstream and enters the liver after a few hours.” Wolf claims: “So the CDC and the FDA knew and lied when they said that the injection remains in the biceps.” The targeted distribution of lipid nanoparticles in the body is well known and confirmed by BioNTech and Pfizer themselves.

Bombshell: Pfizer Saw So Many Adverse Events, They Had to Hire 2,400 NEW Employees to Process Them. Dr. Naomi Wolf: “[Pfizer] hid, they concealed, they redacted from disclosure, forced by court, the fact that they were processing so many adverse events in the first three months… that they had to hire 2,400 new employees. They hid that; they concealed it… the volume of bad outcomes, dangerous outcomes… there were so many [that] they couldn’t keep up with it with their own staff.”

     2020 Election Fraud:

The second trailer for the movie “2000 mules” has been released. This is a documentary created by the President of King’s College in New York, Dinesh D’Souza. The film features video evidence from True the Vote about a coordinated, funded, and illegal ballot trading network in critical swing states during the 2020 election. True the Vote worked with Dinesh D’Souza to create this bombshell movie, which uses footage and tracking data they obtained from ballot boxes in key American states that were used to steal election results in 2020. “They thought we’d never know. They were wrong.” The premiere week is from 2 to 7 May.

     White Hats Intel:

Nobody’s telling the Truth. Saudi Arabia is almost out of oil. Russian is running out of Natural Gas. Investors were being lied too. Major companies don’t know how to break the news and don’t want to lose investors. Mainstream Media staying clear of this news.

You’re Inside the Crash: Inflation, shortages, job loss, people walking off their jobs, Military walking off, firemen, police, nurses fired or walking off, cargo across the world stalling, micro chip shortage has stopped production of 2022 products: tvs, phones, cars, smart appliances, Military production, private and commercial flight production, ect.

This greatest Economic Crash of the 21st Century will take years to rebuild.

It’s The Storm of the Century where the News is fake, the War is real.


RIGGED as we all guessed it would be. Exposing election fraud in France. This is what would of happened if the WEF/Globalists were in control.

(Their NOT) There’s a 17% DIFFERENCE on the PREDICTED votes….tells me White Hats are in control. Nothing is a coincidence when it comes to 17. Macaroni Cheese 58% and Follow Le Pen 41% = 17% Difference.

What did Trump say in his rally yesterday at his Delaware OH Rally….They have found millions and millions and millions of fake votes and it’s going to be announced next week! C19 narrative kill date: Election Day +1 [25th April]?

Prepare for zero-day [massive CYBER-power] attacks [attempts] on 11.4. [LAW OF WAR MANUAL]

THE ONLY WAY IS THE MILITARY! I have a very strong feeling next week is going to be wild. Q

     Sun. 24 April Fleming: The US Secret Service Has a Long History

The United States Secret Service (USSS or Secret Service) is a federal law enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security charged with conducting criminal investigations and protecting U.S. political leaders, their families, and visiting heads of state or government. Until 2003, the Secret Service was part of the Department of the Treasury, as the agency was founded in 1865 to combat the then-widespread counterfeiting of U.S. currency.

It is to this task the USSS once again is charged. Putting an end to the counterfeiting of US Crypto Currency, Bitcoin and all other non-regulated, (mined) currency, not verified under the International Standard Organization 20022, defining “asset-backed digital currency” will be ending.

The USSS is joined by many government agencies, charged with surveillance and recording “money laundering, and other suspicious activities.” Over the past several years there have been a massive influx of former, retired professional intelligence officers, moving into Financial Crimes Task Force, for just this time in history. To rid this great country of malefactors, and crime family’s intent on enriching their holdings at the expense of everyone else.

Case in point, Hunter’s Laptop, with all of its hundreds of thousands of incriminating emails, pictures, files, etc., points to corruption at the highest level of many world governments. Those noble heroes that formerly served as top intelligence officers have been waiting, watching, planning, and preparing, for the end to this Cartel’s existence. Has anyone seen USSS around Joseph Biden? No, they do not recognize this crime family as anything but criminals. The USSS recognize President Trump as the lawful US President.

The USSS are the guardians of the Office of the People. They have watched the Treasury collect taxes by the IRS, under the spending guidelines of the Federal Reserve, owned by the City of London corporation. The usurpation of the People’s wealth has continued since 1871, six short years after the founding of the USSS. As the Guardians of the People’s President, the USSS let slide their most important task, as the first recipients of the PEOPLE’S VOTE. The failure to curtail the operations of the CIA, their sister Agency, conducting covert and illegal operations, and with its illegal revenue in drugs, human trafficking, and money laundering – facilitated in cash, and discussed in books and movies. And more recently, in bitcoin and crypto currency; falls also on the laps of the USSS.

Tom Cruise told this story in American Made: The story of Barry Seal, an American pilot who became a drug-runner for the CIA in the 1980s in a clandestine operation that would be exposed as the Iran-Contra Affair.

To have cash in the world monetary system is vital to keep the world’s wealth stabilized. But too much of this loose cash is due to the CIA’s illegal activities, creating a burden for the US and for the Global Monetary System. This is why ISO 20022 and Basel 3 are being implemented and so very important.  Forcing the massive transparency of the path that cash has taken, brings an end to any possibility of money laundering. Ultimately bringing an end to the possibility of criminal activities. The Long Arm of the Law will once again be something to fear.

Sun. 24 April Fleming: Secret Service Investigation, Digital Assets:

Although the Federal Reserve is bankrupt, the American people and nationals/citizens have an entity with umpteen trillions in assets, stored since before the American Civil War. We the People have wealth untold, hidden and enough to provide prosperity for every generation to come.

The USSS know this and want the rollout of Redemption.  Not only will America survive for hundreds, if not for thousands of years, but the ISO 20022, RV GCR, will finally put a stop to the illegal activities of the CIA and the Family Cartels, the Cabal. Money laundering will cease to exist. Very quickly, the perpetrators will be arrested and removed. The USSS will be there, making sure this happens for their children’s children and beyond.

The Digital Services Act, “making the internet a safer space” by requiring social media platforms to more aggressively police their platforms, subject to the approval by the Council and the European Parliament, will be implemented in Europe.

In addition to making the RV GCR possible, the ISO 20022 makes it possible for hidden and protected wealth to be made accessible. Incredible assets hidden and protected for thousands of years, just for this moment in history to be brought to Light.

What an incredible time this is!

SPIRITUAL RESET by KomorusanQ714

The sons of God lost control of Creation due to the worthless concepts of spirituality that the hybrid human serpent seed bloodlines created for us. We are born in our Father’s Love genetically encoded with His Righteousness we have a moral compass and know right from wrong.

Trump was born to complete the task that Jesus started. He knew the time would come to answer his calling to stand up and step in at this time in human history. Trump is not bound to any religious indoctrination and therefore he’s totally receptive to what has to be done so that our Heavenly Father’s will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.

It’s the cleansing and rebirth of our Earth. It’s the “Second Coming” where all original creation will be restored. Unless we understand how we surrendered our discernment to the doctrines of vipers, we will fall again. United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

The Pagan Gospel Of The Church Replaced The Gospel Of Jesus The Irrefutible history behind Roman Emperor Constentine’s ability to implement his pagan practices into the bible canons that begun at the Council of Nicaea in 325ad and ended at the Council Of Carthage in 397ad when the official bible rolled out. 

The Book Of Revelation Is Part Of The Programing. The irrefutable history behind the book of Revelation.

The Nephilim Used Religion To Divide And Conquer The Sons Of God

The Globalist Globe To Be Exposed Next Watch The Water: The greatest challenge we will ever face is the ability to deprogram ourselves to the truth about our earth.

It’s all about the manipulation of our pure human DNA to create for themselves humanoid bodies to inhabit. This nephilim hybrid human demonic race feed on our children and through the abduction scenario, take our children to D.U.M.B’s to experiment, torture, extract adrenochome, traffic and genetically modified themselves to look like us. The nephilim are no longer the giants of old with two rows of teeth with six fingers and toes. They’re the new men of renown who control all governments on earth which allows them to do their evil degenerate activities, genetic experiments and satanic rituals underground.

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    • PrepuceBruce

      Gordon Duff of VETERANS TODAY admits to being a 60/40 reporter, as is Alex Jones. This means that he is “allowed” by The C.I.A. and other Satanic forces, to tell the truth about 60% of the time. The other 40% of his reporting must be “false” information. When I first became a Truther about 15 years ago, Alex was cool. However, after he became popular, he was “forced” to be a liar. He has lied about the Satanic Khazarian Mobsters controlling Israel. He was forced to LIE about Sandy Hook, after he learned the truth and became too passionate about Dandy Hook. He even had WOLFGANG HALBIG on his show a couple of times. Just check out WOLFGANG HALBIG and DR. JAMES FETZER….NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK…No, ladies and gentlemen, Alex has turned BAD and every “SERIOUS” TRUTHER knows it.

      If I was in charge, I would have Alex arrested, charged with Treason, tried at Gitmo, then watch them hang this fat bastard!!!

    • Rich

      Election fraud legal in france, chit storied on BIN

    • neverending

      lol crack heads, trump push the jab, trump just another puppet of luicfer who will burn with the rest of them.

      • Debbie

        Trump was in tight with Bill Gates and Ivanka was a graduate of Klaus Anal WEF School for tyrants and NWO dictators…..TRUMP IS NOT COMING BACK AND WE SHOULDN’T WANT HIM BACK..HE ONLY DOES THE RALLIES NOW TO GET MILLIONS OF DONATIONS..HE IS BACK DR OZ FOR GOD’S SAKE, AND JD VANCE….NO, NO, NO, FUKK TRUMP…

        People we need to find a new leader for the MAGA’s a big mistake to think that Trump is going to ride into the rescue…sure he is running those rallies because his family is raking in millions in donations after each rally…he isn’t coming back….ever..he took dive in 2020 and stepped aside to let BiDUNG come in and finish off America….it’s up to us to save America…

    • marko

      yeah sure big things coming, Just how many times are you gonna throw this bullshit on the people??? 5 years you have been telling them the bad guys are doomed and will be exectued or locked up, for over 5 years you have been lying to and deceiving the people, 5 years telling them that trump is coming to save the day, jfk jr is alive, and nesara gesara will make everyone rich.. you need to be held accountable for all your llies, how do you and all your cia planted ses agents walk the streets.. your getting paid by the americans to destroy america.. just wait til americans find out who you are and what you all do.. you take orders from cia..all you shills byington, x22 reeport, mckay, osavin, jacco, flynn, clark, adams, mason dr david martin, all you are identified by your sympbolism and satanic symbolisim especcially trump who channels his master and gives the satanic hand signals always.. he say his blood is the vaccine and guess what is in the vaccine?? VENOM YES VENOM ALONG WITH GRAPHINE OXIDE, HYDROGEL, NANOT BOTS, AND LUCIFERACE ENZYME TO NAME A FEW OF TRUMPS POISONS.. OPERATION WARP SPEED TO DEPOPULATE BY MURDERING BILLIONS.. THATS THEIR PLAN SO WAKE UP AND JOIN THE GREAT AWAKENING.. READ THE BIBLE AND TRUST IN GOD ALMIGHTY AND YOU WILL BE DELIVERED, FEAR NOT BUT TRUST ONLY IN GOD AND YESHUA.. GOD BLESS ALL BELEIVERS

    • Rudolph Hess

      Suck a dick DARPA propaganda

    • DrAlbert

      They are trying to jab as many people as possible so that their great reset aka depopulation plan work. If I get sick I will take my Ivermectin that I stashed just in case and leave rest to God. When i searched where I can get ivm on google I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Every search query was censored. If I can save 1 person that will use this product instead of going to icu and plugged into ventilators that will burst her/his lungs. that is enough for me. I feel good when I put a spoke in big pharma’s wheel. If you want to get Ivermectin you can visit

    • Tedx

      Beware Bolshevic Hopium.

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