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43 Once American Companies That Are Owned By Communist China & 1 American Company Owned By Trump That's Entire Line Is Chinese

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Many American companies have sold out to foreign countries and are now owned by England, Japan, Canada and sadly, China.  Keep in mind that if you patronize a Chinese-owned company you are funding a Communist government.  Perhaps knowing the truth of the matter is the beginning of reversing what we have been led to support.

Here are 43 companies that once were American that are now owned by China.  The following list was compiled from a larger list of once American-owned companies that are now owned by foreigners.  Tell me this is not Deuteronomy 28 coming to pass before our eyes.

  1.  Ironman

    Original Headquarters: Tampa Bay, Florida
    Purchased By: Dalian Wanda Group
    Country: China

    The Ironman competition started out as part of the Hawaii Triathlon Corporation before being purchased by Dr. James P. Gills in 1990. At the time the deal was worth $3 million. Since then it’s become a much bigger entity than it once was. In 2008, it was sold to Providence Equity Securities for a healthy $85 million, before the Dalian Wanda Group came onto the scene in 2015.

  2. Forbes

    Original Headquarters: Jersey City, New Jersey
    Purchased By: Integrated Whale Media
    Country: China

    The first issue of Forbes was released back in September of 1917. Over the past 102 years, it has grown to become a trusted publication that holds definitive rankings of both companies and celebrities, while also maintaining popular lists like 30 Under 30 and World’s Most Powerful 100 Women.

  3. Dirt Devil

    Original Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina
    Purchased By: Techtronic Industries
    Country: China

    Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners have been keeping America’s homes clean for 115 years, ever since they were first invented in 1905 in Cleveland, Ohio by Philip Geier. Since then, the range has expanded and over 25 million units have been sold, thanks in large to its unique Cyclone system.

  4. General Electric

    Original Headquarters: Boston, MA
    Purchased By: Haier (Appliances division only)
    Country: China

    General Electric may have started out as a relatively small brand when it was founded in 1892, but the company has grown exponentially since then. Now, GE has its fingers in a lot of pies, from aviation and healthcare to power and venture capital. It’s a titan.

  5. Motorola

    Original Headquarters: Schaumburg, Illinois
    Purchased By: Lenovo
    Country: China

    Motorola might be best known for its tech, but it was founded in 1928 before mobile phones were even a dream. After steadily growing over the years, the business found success with its flip phones and other products, before it was sold to Google, who then sold it to Chinese company Lenovo in 2014.

  6. IBM (PC Division)

    Original Headquarters: Armonk, New York
    Purchased By: Lenovo
    Country: China

    IBM as a company has been helping America stay on top of technology since 1911, although back then it was more to do with business machines and less to do with computers. The company has an interesting and long past, not least because the PC division was sold to Lenovo in 2004 for $1.75 billion.

  7. Legendary Entertainment Group

    Original Headquarters: Burbank, CA
    Purchased By: Dalian Wanda Group
    Country: China

    After successfully purchasing AMC and testing the waters in the movie world, Dalian Wanda decided to up the ante in 2016 and purchase their very own movie studio. Legendary Entertainment Group signed over ownership to the investment group for a healthy $3.5 billion.

  8. Hoover US

    Original Headquarters: Ohio
    Purchased By: Techtronic Industries
    Country: China

    Hoover has been a trusted appliance brand in America since it was first founded in 1908. Over the decades, William Henry Hoover’s company became an iconic brand. Despite keeping things local until 2006, Hoover ended up selling to Techtronic Industries for $107 million.

  9. Strategic Hotels and Resorts

    Original Headquarters: Chicago, IL
    Purchased By: Anbang Insurance Group
    Country: China

    Strategic Hotels & Resorts Inc is a hotel chain company, currently with 17 luxury hotels within the United States, and uniquely, one hotel in Germany. The successful company was founded in 1997, by real estate investor and philanthropist Laurence S. Geller.

  10. General Motors

    Original Headquarters: Detroit, MI
    Purchased By: Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp
    Country: China

    General Motors holds the distinction of being America’s largest automobile manufacturer. As such, it’s also one of the biggest companies of its kind in the entire world, which certainly makes it profitable and appealing.

  11. Tesla

    Original Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA
    Purchased By: Tencent Holdings Ltd
    Country: China

    Elon Musk might be the brains behind Tesla and the majority shareholder with 21.7%, but he isn’t the only one pumping money into the automotive company. There are plenty of shareholders, including Tencent Holdings Ltd. Tencent isn’t just into music, but a variety of things.

  12. Spotify

    Original Headquarters: New York, NY
    Purchased By:  Tencent Holdings Ltd
    Country: China

    Spotify is such a part of everyday life now that it’s difficult to remember a time when we couldn’t listen to the songs we want at the drop of a hat. The company was first founded in 2006, providing listeners with a way to stream their favorite music. Although it came from Sweden, Spotify has traveled a lot since then.

  13. The Waldorf Astoria Hotel

    Original Headquarters: New York, NY
    Purchased By: Anbang Insurance Group
    Country: China

    If you’re making a trip to New York, staying at the Waldorf-Astoria is a true taste of luxury. Not only is it an institution, but it’s also a part of American history. While the company is managed by Hilton Worldwide, it was bought by the Anbang Insurance Group of China in 2014 for $1.95 billion.

  14. Snapchat

    Original Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
    Purchased By: Tencent Holdings Ltd
    Country: China

    Taking a picture with a silly filter has never been so popular thanks to Snapchat. The company was founded by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy in 2011, but neither one would have realized how popular it would become. At the moment, Snapchat is valued at over $20 billion.

  15. Ingram Micro

    Original Headquarters: Irvine, CA
    Purchased By: HNA Technology Co. Ltd
    Country: China

    Ingram Micro started out as a small technology product distributor in 1979 before going on to become a multi-billion dollar business. In the early 1990s, Ingram was in a position to take over Belgium’s Softinvest. As a result, they were able to distribute Hewlett Packard products which gave them an even bigger foothold.

  16. Fidelity & Guaranty Life

    Original Headquarters: Des Moines, IA
    Purchased By: Anbang Insurance Group (Failed Acquisition)
    Country: China

    Fidelity and Guaranty Life Insurance Company help millions of people feel more secure in case the worst ever happens. That being said, the future of the company wasn’t always so certain. F&G was owned wholly by Harbinger Group until it was opened up to the public in 2013.

  17. Universal Music Group

    Original Headquarters: Santa Monica, CA
    Purchased By: Vivendi/Tencent
    Country: France/China

    Landing a record deal with Universal is a triumph for any artist. Known as one of the world’s “Big Three” record companies (alongside Sony Music and Warner Music Group UMG has a reputation that spans almost a century. The company may be home to many great homegrown bands, but it hasn’t been American owned for years.

  18. WeWork

    Original Headquarters: New York, NY
    Purchased By: Legend Holdings Corp
    Country: China

    In recent years, shared workspaces have become more chic and on-trend than ever, especially for freelancers or companies just starting out. WeWork capitalized on this trend when it was conceived 10 years ago. Now, it manages over 4 million square meters of co-working space.

  19. Segway Inc

    Original Headquarters: Bedford, NH
    Purchased By: Ninebot Inc
    Country: China

    Standing on two wheels and whizzing around seemed like something out of Back to the Future a couple of decades ago, unless you own a motorbike. Segways became very popular over the past few years, but when Beijing-based company Ninebot bought Segway in 2015 for $80 million, things got better.

  20. Sotheby’s

    Original Headquarters: New York, NY
    Purchased By: Taikang Life Insurance Co Ltd
    Country: China

    What does a luxury broker of fine and decorative art and a life insurance company have in common? The answer is more complex than you might think. Sotheby’s was founded in London in 1744 before setting up shop in New York City and opening locations around the world.

  21. Brookstone Inc

    Original Headquarters: Peterborough, NH
    Purchased By: Sanpower Group Corp; General Electric Capital Corp; Sailing Capital Management Co Ltd
    Country: China

    Brookstone Inc. started out as a mail-order business selling special tools that were hard to find in the mid-60s. From there it started selling items like remote control toys, alarm clocks, and much more. As of 2018, there were 34 locations in America.

  22. Inc

    Original Headquarters: New York, NY
    Purchased By: Tencent Holdings Ltd and Partners
    Country: China

    Being in the online design industry is tough as the competition out there is stiff. Once based in New York City, managed to secure a huge investment from Tencent Holdings in 2013 worth around $1 billion. With Tencent, Fab hoped to launch platforms in Asia.

  23. The Cleveland Cavaliers

    Original Headquarters: Cleveland, OH
    Purchased By: Investor Group led by Jianhua Huang
    Country: China

    Basketball team the Cleveland Cavaliers burst onto the scene in 1970 with thanks from their sponsors. The team continued to grow in the game over the decades, with backing from Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. However, in 2019, they got some overseas investors, too.

  24. Riot Games Inc

    Original Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
    Purchased By: Tencent Holdings Ltd
    Country: China

    Riot Games is best known as the creator of League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle extravaganza that pits users against each other. The game debuted in 2009 and gained a lot of traction, becoming the company’s best-known product. Although Tencent and Riot had been partners for many years, Tencent upped the ante in 2015.

  25. Uber Technologies Inc

    Original Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
    Purchased By: Baidu Inc
    Country: China

    Grabbing a cab was made even easier when Uber rolled around, allowing users to book a ride with just a touch of a button. It was created by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in 2009, before going on to become a multi-billion-dollar business and a household name across the world.

  26. OmniVision Technologies Inc

    Original Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA
    Purchased By: Will Semiconductor Co. Ltd.
    Country: China

    The deal brokered between OmniVision Technologies Inc. and Shanghai-based company Will Semiconductor Co. Ltd was so quiet that it didn’t become public knowledge until a year later in 2019. According to documents published in April of that year, over $2.1 billion exchanged hands.

  27. Baby Trend Inc

    Original Headquarters: Fontana, CA
    Purchased By: Alpha Group
    Country: China

    Baby Trend Inc specializes in all things baby, from highchairs and car seats to travel systems and diaper pails. The business continues to grow, especially after the 2016 purchase made by Canton’s Alpha Group.

  28. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

    Original Headquarters: Houston, TX
    Purchased By: Concord Medical Services
    Country: China

    Back in 2012, many eyebrows were raised when 20% of the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Proton Therapy Center was acquired by Beijing-based company Concord Medical services. Although the purchase didn’t directly affect the University’s ownership stakes, it did boost Concord’s profile.

  29. Hilton Hotels

    Original Headquarters: McLean, VA
    Purchased By: HNA Group Co Ltd
    Country: China

    Hilton Hotels & Resorts has been operating since 1919 thanks to founder Conrad “Nicky” Hilton. From a handful of simple locations, Hilton became a worldwide name with 586 hotels in 85 countries by 2018. Hilton’s are everywhere.

  30. Starplex Cinemas

    Original Headquarters: Dallas, TX
    Purchased By: Dalian Wanda Group Corp Ltd
    Country: China

    Starplex never had the same power in the industry as AMC did, with only 34 locations across America. As a result, many Americans never set foot in a Starplex theater because there just weren’t any around. The chain was bought by AMC Theaters in 2015 for $175 million, with many locations turned into AMC Classics.

  31. California Grapes International Inc

    Original Headquarters: San Jose, CA
    Purchased By: China Food Services Corp
    Country: China

    California Grapes International Inc was once a homegrown business, but that all changed when it was bought by China Food Services Corp. Once a company focused on distributing wine, California Grapes faded into obscurity after the purchase was made some years ago for an undisclosed amount.

  32. Fisher Price

    Original Headquarters: East Aurora, NY
    Purchased By: Mattel
    Country: China

    Fisher-Price is a toy-making company that has been around since 1930. Though it has its headquarters in America, the company has a series of contracts with outside vendors. It has eleven factories in China. In 2007, Fisher-Price (via its parent company, Mattel, which bought Fisher-Price back in 1993) made headlines when it recalled one million of its toys, which were made in China.

  33. Craftsman

    Original Headquarters: New Britain, CT
    Purchased By: Sears
    Country: China, Taiwan

    Craftsman tools can be found in stores like Lowe’s, Sears, Home Depot, Walmart, and pretty much anywhere that home improvement products are located. Craftsman has factories in America, but it also has outsourced some of its manufacturing to Taiwan and China. Sears, its parent company, made that call.

  34. Craftsman

    Original Headquarters: New Britain, CT
    Purchased By: Sears
    Country: China, Taiwan

    Craftsman tools can be found in stores like Lowe’s, Sears, Home Depot, Walmart, and pretty much anywhere that home improvement products are located. Craftsman has factories in America, but it also has outsourced some of its manufacturing to Taiwan and China. Sears, its parent company, made that call.

    And, like many billion-dollar brands, Lowe’s outsources its manufacturing. The company has 106 suppliers, most of whom are located in America. However, a sizable minority are located in Canada, China, South Korea, and Taiwan. Each of Lowe’s stores stock 40,000 products at a time (with hundreds of thousands located in warehouses), so it only makes sense that it would have had to expand its manufacturing.

  35. Rawlings

    Original Headquarters: Town and Country, Missouri
    Purchased By: Seidler Equity Partners
    Country: China (Made In)

    Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Rawlings has become a name synonymous with American sports. It is currently owned by the MLB and Seidler Equity Partners. Rawlings is one of the most-chosen gloves of MLB players, and it’s hard to imagine baseball without it.

    The company might be synonymous with US sports, but it makes a lot of its products overseas. It has a factory located in China. Rawlings’ MLB baseballs are made in America, but its Minor League baseballs are made in China, according to a stamp on each of them. As ProPublica put it, “Everything you need to play baseball is made in China.”

  36. Schwinn

    Original Headquarters: Vancouver, Washington
    Purchased By: Huffy
    Country: China (Made In)

    Schwinn is a name that has been associated with American bikes forever, but the company itself has become less American after all. Dorel Industries, a Canadian company, bought Pacific Cycle, a company that makes Schwinn bikes. The sale took place in 2004. Now, Schwinn is owned by Huffy.

    Huffy bought the name for $60 million, which stunned the Internet, as called Schwinn one of the “greatest names” in the history of “American business.” Huffy makes the majority of its bikes in China, and it stopped making bikes in the USA until the mid-1990s, when financial struggles forced it overseas.

  37. J.M. Smucker Company

    Original Headquarters: Orrville, OH
    Purchased By: N/A
    Country: China

    J.M. Smucker Company is one of the most well-recognized food brands in America, particularly when it comes to its jelly. Smuckers, as it’s known in short-hand, announced back in 2012 that it had acquired a minority interest (non-controlling) in the Chinese brand Seamild Tech Development Company.

    In addition to making some of its products in China, Smuckers also has a strong connection to Canadian manufacturing. However, it no longer has a plant in Quebec. It shut down that plant in 2013 in order to consolidate more of its business in America. It is still headquartered where it was founded—Orrville, Ohio.

  38. Estee Lauder

    Original Headquarters: New York, NY
    Purchased By: N/A
    Country: China

    Estee Lauder was founded in New York City in 1946 by Estee Lauder and her husband, Joseph. It is still headquartered in the General Motors Building, and the high-end cosmetics brand is worth around $11.6 billion in assets and $4.4 billion in equity. The company is a pioneer in the “prestige cosmetics” brand.

    Estee Lauder has a wide international reach. In China, it operates research and development facilities. In terms of making its products, it has factories in the UK, US, Canada, Switzerland, and Belgium. Estee Lauder, the founder, was, at one point, the wealthiest self-made woman in the world.

  39. American Standard

    Original Headquarters: Piscataway, NJ
    Purchased By: Samsonite
    Country: China

    The majority of American Standard products are made in Mexico, though a handful are made in Asia—specifically, China. American Standard faucets are made from Chinese-made parts, and assembly is done in Mexico. American Standard is owned by American Standard Brands, which sells brand-names such as Crane, Fiat, Showerite, Sanymetal, and more.

    The company is based in New Jersey, and it was founded in 2008, making it one of the newer companies on this list. American Standard as a subsidiary has been around a little longer than its parent company, having been founded in the late sixties in Piscataway, New Jersey.

  40. Campbell’s Soup

    Original Headquarters: Camden, NJ
    Purchased By: N/A
    Country: China

    Campbell’s Soup has factories all over the world, though it has its headquarters in New Jersey. Campbell’s Soup Company has factories in China, Canada, America, and a dozen other countries. Campbell’s also owns popular brands of snack food, including Snyder-Lance, Pepperidge Farm, Late July Snacks, Baptista’s Bakery, Arnott’s Biscuits, and Bolthouse Farms.

    The company sells its soup all over the world, and its Chinese customers consume 355 billion servings of soup per year, according to company data. You might think that Chicken Noodle is the company’s most popular flavor; but, worldwide, its Mexican-Style Chicken Tortilla is its best-selling item.

  41. American Tourister

    Original Headquarters: Providence, RI
    Purchased By: Samsonite
    Country: China

    American Tourister is a luggage brand that is owned by Samsonite. It was founded nearly a century ago, but, after being bought by the larger company, it abides by their manufacturing plans. Samsonite is made in China by contracted manufacturers. American Tourister is made in China as well, in addition to assembly plants in Nashik, India, and Hungary.

    Samsonite chose to move its manufacturing out-of-country because it was facing a labor shortage in America. Samsonite is now owned by Astrum International, which is based in the Middle East. Still, despite being made out of the States, American Tourister has its headquarters right in Rhode Island, where it was founded.

  42. American Eagle Outfitters

    Original Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA
    Purchased By: Retail Ventures, Inc.
    Made in: China

    American Eagle is a retailer that is targeted towards teenagers and young adults, and, despite the “American” in its name, its clothes are mostly foreign-made. China, Vietnam, and India are its choices of manufacturing locations, as those three countries have been cotton manufacturing hubs since the Industrial Revolution.

    American Eagle has a wide reach, too. It has stores in the U.S. (pretty much every mall) Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and China. All in all, as of 2017, American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. has more than one thousand stores, including its Aerie spinoff, which sells basics and underwear.

  43. Monopoly

    Original Headquarters: Pawtucket, RI
    Purchased By: Hasbro
    Country: Canada, China, Taiwan

    Another Hasbro product is the famous board game, Monopoly. Hasbro sold the factory that makes the game to a Belgium card-maker called Cartamundi. Cartamundi still employs the same workers. Though Monopoly was made in America, it has plants in China and India.


    Hasbro has looked to cut its manufacturing in China down to 50%. It is looking to factory locations in India as a source of cheap labor. According to the toymaker, it expects to have the production cut to half by the end of 2020. Currently, it has most of its plants in the Guangdong Province of China.

Finally, although Donald Trump promotes the US with one side of his mouth and condemns China from the other side of his mouth, the reality is that The Trump Organization’s entire line is all made in China, which means that Trump supports a Communist Chinese government with his company.  Facts are stubborn things, aren’t they?

Trump Collection

Original Headquarters: New York City, New York
Purchased By: The Trump Organization
Country: China (Made In)

The Trump Signature Collection is a menswear line from Donald Trump, owned by his parent corporation, The Trump Organization. The line is almost all made in China, though it seems like it would be an American company. Though owned by TTO, its manufacturing is decidedly not American.

The suits from The Trump Collection are either marked “imported,” or they’re stamped that they were made in Bangladesh or China. The line of clothing that Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, owns, is also imported. Over 800 of her shoes, purses, scarves, and dresses are marked as “imported” on the tags. Moral of the story: always check the labels.

And for those who don’t remember, he defended this doublespeak on David Letterman.


You see, what Trump says and what he does are two different things.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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