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Where Are People Getting This From? It's Not What The Bible Says

Why don’t Americans get irony or sarcasm even when it’s in your face like how could you not?

Russian gas is communist gas. That’s why it’s in such a mess in Europe. The price is high. The volume is low. That’s communism for yer. Can’t trust them commies.

What 'IF' a Contagious Joe Biden Gave Justin Trudeau the New Monkeypox Variant?

With an inexhaustible supply of bullshit emanating from DC it appears the fertiliser shortage may soon be over

Devin Nunes Interviews President Donald Trump (AKA Captain Deplorable 45) - Nunes Podcast Must Video :)

Where does the shadow world government sit, in America or Europe?

Timber: The Real Reason Why Joe Biden Fell Off His Bike (Benny Hill Edition)

Sure Fire ways to enable you to read again

10 proofs flat earth

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is a new disease . . . caused by Putin.

USA has been totally sanctioned by the Free World

Hillaryous: Hillary Clinton Lawyer Found Not Guilty Of Lying To The FBI By A Jury That Includes Three Clinton Donors

Russia punks Bush.

Russia’s first conflict will be an Alaskan Affair in its fight with the demonic monstrosity the USA has become at the political level.

LOL: Biden Tries To Insult Trump! Accidentally Gives Him EPIC New Name! - Donald Trump Jr. Must Video

America needs to be detraumatised

Vaxx Jaxx, New Jacket for the Vaccinated

Target Acquired.

Biden signs new legislation making lynching a hate crime. -[true story]. How does that differ from a normal crime?

Russian Deaths from Laughter Increasing.

SpaceBusters-Morning Laugh: When Libtards Attack, The Soundtrack. Beware of Karens Swearing

Anonymous. Notice In brief passing. Just the tip of the iceberg 🥲

Came Across A New Restaurant. “Fauci, Soros, Schwab,Gates.”

Watch: Biden Falls for Prank Live on Air! He Has Absolutely No Idea What's Going on Around Him! - Liberal Hivemind

Trump's Revenge: He Fires Chris 'Fredo Lie' Cuomo and Barack Obama on the Same Night

Life in 2030 for Every Man with Unvaxxed Sperm

Warning! Texans ALREADY violating Gov. Abbott's ban on mask mandates!

Has Anyone Been Experiencing Computer Glitches, Issues, Lately. Is It Just Me?

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