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Celebrities, Beauty Gurus, and Instagram Influencers Alike Flaunt Their Beautiful Skin

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Tips for healthy, glowing Skin . Healthmania

Acids are becoming popular ingredients in beauty and skin care products. Some of these are salicylic (for acne), hyaluronic (for hydration), and glycolic (for surface texture).  

Celebrities, beauty gurus and Instagram influencers alike flaunt their beautiful skin, many of whom use various acids in their beauty routines. If you’re still searching for that perfect product for you, read on; a new type of acid may be the secret!

Fulvic acid could be the holy grail for your skin. This list of scientific studies outlines the various benefits of fulvic acid for skin health: anti fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Some researchers in these studies also concluded that people suffering from acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and lesions will benefit from certain fulvic acid applications. 

So how exactly does fulvic acid help the skin? Fulvic acid undergoes a process called chelation when it comes in contact with toxins. Toxins on the skin cause dullness, premature wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes. 

The Health Benefits of Fulvic Aid

The research in these studies show how fulvic acid can be used as a skin therapy. If you’ve been struggling to achieve skin clarity, a gorgeous glow, or maintain great overall skin health, try fulvic acid. Add it to your moisturizer, a face mask, your morning smoothie, or a glass of water. Your skin will thank you.

Seems like the whole beauty and fitness sphere have been raving about the benefits of acids for skin, hair, and overall health. However, while some acids receive all the hype, there are many more stellar options to add to your daily routine which are equally worth it. Fulvic acid is arguably an underrated skincare ingredient. Nonetheless, it’s one of the best acids for sensitive skin. Here is why:

Fulvic Acid, and Humic Minerals Powerful Role

What Is Humic and Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid falls under the category of the humic substance. It is considered as a mixture of polyphenolic acid compounds formed through the degradation of organic substances such as dead plants, microbes, and animals by chemical and biological processes

Fulvic acid dates back centuries. Traditional Chinese medicine was relying on the oral consumption of this particular acid tas a therapy for a variety of different conditions such as desmorrhexis, myogenesis, arthrosis, polyarthritis, and osteoarthritis. Nowadays fulvic acid is used for disorders like Alzheimer’s as well as track infections, fatigue, and heavy metal toxicity.

It contains more than 80 beneficial nutrients including Electrolytes, Antioxidants, Enzymes, Amino acids just to name a few.

Fulvic acid is jam-packed with anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits. As a result, it can help you tackle serious skin conditions like acne, rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. Consider it as a milder alternative to your trusted Vitamin C beauty products. While Vitamin C works wonders on your complexion, it is known for causing irritations. For those with sensitive skin, fulvic acid features the same glow-boosting, skin-protecting benefits as vitamin C, without the faff.

This skin-enhancing acid protects the collagen and elastin cells the which is needed for the prevention of wrinkles. Overall, it has the ability to brighten, smooth, and restore your skin’s plumped and youthful look.

For those who suffer from acne, this acid prevents the dehydration of your skin, which often leads to the release of oils. These oils often clog pores and create acne and blemishes. By keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day, you can actively impact excess sebum production. Take a look at this self-care routine checklist.

Benefits of Humic and Fulvic acid

Humic Fulvic Health Benefits

Fulvic acid can be a great addition to your active lifestyle. For people who exercise regularly this acid can positively impact their energy and increase their metabolism.

Research has shown Fulvic Acid is one of nature’s most powerful electrolytes. During your workout, blood electrolytes are being lost through the skin. Fulvic Acid has the ability to instantly replace those electrolytes without losing your performance. In fact, this acid is the only known substance that can do that.

Overall, Fulvic acid promotes hair density and growth, skin improvements, digestion reset, adrenal issues and chronic fatigue, emotional detox and grounding, mental health improvement, physical fitness and endurance enhancement, hormone reset, thyroid support, energy, and mental clarity, and many more. More information can be found on

Fulvic Acid:

  • Can assist the optimal absorption of essential nutrients and minerals
  • Can reduce hair loss
  • Can promote healthy gut
  • Can improve your immune system
  • Can enhance your natural beauty
  • Has cellular level anti-aging properties
  • Has anti-oxidant properties to combat free radicals
  • Has anti-fungal properties
  • Has anti-microbial properties

Unlike other supplements, it works with your body at the cellular level to revert damaged cells, promote healthy cell growth, and through digestion or topical absorption, it increases the bioavailability of nutrients you apply or consume. This means you will extract more of the vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat as well as any other supplement you’re taking.

It also mimics your skin’s natural pH, which makes it an essential additive to any skin and hair care regimen. Our skin is naturally acidic. Many other beauty products contain large quantity of alkaline ingredients. An alkaline environment aids in bacteria growth and leaves the skin unprotected.

You can reap fulvic acid benefits for hair in addition to your overall wellness. This is especially true for women who experience hair loss, have severely damaged hair, or who have scalp conditions.

It still has surprising benefits that go beyond your cells, hair, and skin. It’s showing promise in medical conditions like eczema and many non-related ones like gut health and immune system. Evidence suggests it might assist with slowing or reversing cognitive diseases too.

The more scientists study fulvic acid, the more we learn about its potential benefits.

Fulvic acid benefits - What are the most surprising health benefits of using fulvic acid

15 Fulvic Acid Benefits for Your Hair, Skin & Nails

1. Histamine Blocker

Historically, people would take it as a therapy for skin conditions like eczema because it has the ability to act like a histamine blocker. Medical studies support this and many participants saw their eczema symptoms improved as much as with traditional medication.

2. Naturally Boost Your Body’s Collagen

Your body needs collagen to ensure proper growth and health of your skin, hair, nails, and your joints. However, your body produces less collagen as you age. This can lead to sagging skin, which then causes fine lines, brittle nails, and thinning or balding hair.

Instead, you should consider the fulvic acid benefits for hair and skin. It can naturally enhance your body’s ability to produce it while improving your hair, nail, and skin’s existing collagen. This makes it an essential part of preventative routines too.

3. Fight Fungus

Due to its antifungal properties, you can use fulvic acid to heal and fight off a variety of fungus. Add some to a soothing footbath for athlete’s foot or toenail fungus or you can apply it directly to your skin or nails.

4. Enhance Your Favorite Beauty Products

Did you know that you could add fulvic acid to nearly any existing product? Your favorite mineral foundation can now have a powerful, healthful boost. Your mascara can work harder and smarter to protect your eyelashes. If you’re the creative type, you can use it to formulate your own natural skin and beauty products.

The best part? Fulvic acid benefits any complexion type and skin tone. This is because it naturally balances your skin’s pH.

5. Combat Environmental Skin and Hair Damage

Antioxidants are the barrier between the environment and you. While using fulvic acid won’t create an impenetrable barrier, it could be the next greatest boost to give your skin and body a fighting chance. Remember, free radicals do more than destroy your skin and hair; they can directly affect your cells in disastrous ways.

6. Inflammatory Acne Breakouts

Your skincare routine shouldn’t work against you. Unfortunately, most acne and beauty products introduce your skin to alkaline ingredients, which then need to be counteracted with other ingredients your skin doesn’t need. Whether you have acne prone skin or experience a few hormonal breakouts, you might be able to reduce and heal the inflammation with fulvic acid.

7. Stop or Reverse Wrinkles

For women specifically, we fear those telltale early signs of crow’s feet and fine lines. We know it’s only the beginning, and aging can be hard to embrace. Like with collagen creams, most beauty creams with anti-aging benefits promise change but seldom deliver on their promises. Yet we shell out hundreds of dollars on products that contain questionable ingredients each year.

You might be able to reduce wrinkles while halting the formation of new ones with fulvic acid.

8. All-purpose Rash Remedy

• Diaper rash
• Poison ivy and oak
• Contact dermatitis
• Bug bites
• Bee stings

A simple swipe of fulvic acid and your itchiness might subside while redness and swelling lessen.

9. Prevent Hair Loss

During menopause, women can experience alarming hair loss. This is mostly due to your hormonal imbalance, so it can affect women before menopause any time where their hormone levels drastically shift. This includes if you have hormone-based conditions and post-partum.

10. Repair Dry Skin

No matter where you have dry skin, the moisture boosting properties can enhance your existing lotions, oils, and creams. Because fulvic acid aids the absorption of other nutrients, it allows your skin to absorb and retain more from your favorite products. Some people will even use the liquid form in place of lotions and creams.

11. Natural Keratin Therapy

Keratin is a major protein found in your hair. Stress, environment, styling products, and hormonal changes can weaken it. This can lead to breakage, thinning hair, dull, lifeless hair, and stunted hair growth.

The most common therapy often involves keratin which a stylist applies to the hair and seals with a flat iron. However, this salon method does have side effects and can actually further damage your hair and health (hello, formaldehyde). Dermatologists also don’t recommend it if you have skin conditions, such as psoriasis.

Luckily, fulvic acid benefits for hair include boosting your hair’s natural keratin while it repairs your scalp and locks.

12. Remove Toxins

Fulvic acid benefits for hair are greater than just reversing hair loss. When you apply to your scalp or skin, you draw out toxins that prevent your body from absorbing essential nutrients.

13. Protects Skin From Solar Radiation

Fulvic acid can protect your skin from damaging UV radiation. This lowers your risk of sunburn. If you happen to have sunburn, you can also use it as a therapy for your damaged skin too.

14. Astringent

Say goodbye to harsh cleansers with questionable ingredients. Even natural products can have some unpronounceable additives. You can safely mix a few drops with water for an instant toner that zaps bacteria, fungus, and other harmful organisms attempting to move into your pores.

15. Thickens Hair

Some people have excellent genes that lead to a thick, beautiful head of hair no matter what they eat or use. Many more aren’t so lucky. The fulvic acid benefits for hair go beyond keratin and scalp. It allows the vitamins required for luxurious locks to absorb and can heal dandruff. You hair can’t grow or thrive without the proper building blocks, and you’re unlikely to achieve the optimal nutrition without a fulvic acid boost to your scalp and locks.

Final Thoughts

Fulvic acid benefits appears to bridge a gap in our bodies. Could its lack be the reason for increases in topical rashes, faster aging, and dull, lifeless hair? That is something science can’t explain yet, but it might be a clue.


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What Our Customers Have to Say

NOTE! Life Experiences shared are based on Consumer’s own personal experience and any decision or action you make is at your sole discretion. It should not be construed that is giving advice or making any recommendations based on these Life Experiences.

-OMG I can not believe Humic&Fulvic really works!​

I am on my second bottle, wanted to make sure it was really helping before I said if it worked or not. I have had stomach trouble since I was 16 now 74. I was told by doctors, that I had nervous stomach, ulcers, bleeding ulcers, reflux, IBS, colitis plus a few more. Believe me I have tried everything from over counter and prescription drugs nothing helped.

I saw their ad on a site I was visiting so checked it out. I figured I would try one more time and boy am I glad I did. My stomach pain and other symptoms are gone. I forgot to take it one morning and my stomach started hurting so I went a took a spoon of it and within an hour I was OK again. So I am re-ordering. Hope it keeps on working. Don’t take my word check it for yourself. Plus I am sleeping better and do not have to get up at night so often. And my skin is looking better. I got the best comment from my 3 year old great grand daughter, she said, “Gramma, you is pretty” made my day. And no, I am not getting paid for this review.”

-Susan H, Indianna

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-Looking Forward to my whole family using this

I’m a younger guy, mid 30s and I got this because I wanted to get some trace minerals. I had no idea what humic or fulvic was. This stuff has been awesome, I have noticed all sorts of differences since taking this humic stuff! The biggest outward difference has been my grody elbows that used to have rugged callouses are now smooth and normal looking!! My mood now is always positive, and during Shut downs-thats saying a lot. I feel a lot more optimistic and happy, before it was really easy to think about the negatives, now I just feel joy of being alive when I wake up. I typically only drink Reverse Osmosis filtered water and at work its bottled water too…I eat pretty healthy and lower carb. I work in an office and have a lot of stress there, but I’ve been doing better with this stuff. I sleep really well too. I am giving it to my dog now-he is older and I have noticed he doesn’t sleep as much now and he has more energy on walks! I am getting all my buddies and family to at least try this. Since experiencing the changes, I have read a lot about it being calming, hydrating and antiviral! I would not hesitate to buy it again, I think I am going to buy three this next time because I got a coupon with my purchase.​

-Adam, Florida

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-Unexpected Benefits!

​”I just wanted a better night’s sleep. I was willing to give this a try after a friend told me about Humic and Fulvic Acid mainly because it was natural. I had no idea it would help me with my depression I’ve had nearly all my life. I never wanted to take meds and I learned to deal with the negative thoughts and low energy. Now I just think I was deficient in minerals or needed Humic and Fulvic Acid. I wake up feeling happy every morning, I sleep so much better than I used to and I have energy all day. I even have positive thoughts all the time and I find its hard to think negatively! I will keep taking this as long as I can feel this good! Thank you, for a great, natural product!”

​Christine A,  California


No More Nightime Bathroom Breaks!​

“I began taking this after my hysterectomy in January. I was anemic and having trouble sleeping. I was always waking up to go to the bathroom at night too. I began taking this Humic and Fulvic Trace Mineral Supplement and slept so well the first night and had 0 trips to the bathroom! I thought it was a fluke, but every day I took this supplement I slept all night.

I noticed my heart fluttering spells had stopped after a week (I was also taking iron, but that alone had not stopped my fluttering) and that my skin was softer and the fine lines and wrinkles on my face had softened!​

I could go on, but I think everyone should at least give this a try. It works wonders, better than any other supplement I have taken, No acidic taste and no side effects!

Chelsea C, Colorado

Very Pleased

I’m an older guy, almost 85 and my wife and I use canes to go out on our walks. We recently moved to a new state and the toll it has taken on our bodies with the packing and unpacking has really put us out.

I was looking for a natural way to support our health and came across this Health Supplement. Both my wife and I began taking it and over a few days of beginning with the teaspoon dose twice a day we were falling asleep easier and walking longer on our typically short outdoor walks. We have been able to get up and do more and the pain in our lower joints that makes getting around a burden is lessened. With a full dose, we should get even better! I’m glad to have anything that can increase our quality of life in our golden years!

Kent,   Montana


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Craving Killer!

​​”I sleep better when using this product. I don’t get sugar cravings like I always have. I need sugar sometimes, its a strong craving! I also don’t get ravenously hungry. Sometimes when I don’t have time to eat and I take a tablespoon of this and I don’t feel hungry anyone.

I sleep so well when I use this and I notice when I forget taking it.” 

Angie,  California


Better Skin, Sleep, Dreams, Energy, Stamina, Appetite Suppressent all in One bottle!

“I’m in my 60s and my Daughter gave this to me since she was taking it and experiencing good things.

When I began taking this humic fulvic mineral liquid I noticed more moisturized skin and I didn’t have to go to the bathroom at night from day one! That is typical for me, and what a benefit to sleep all night again! And sleep deeply with dreams!

 I feel more hydrated as well, is that really a feeling? I just don’t feel dried out like usual in the Utah Heat!

I think the biggest shock was how it suppressed my appetite. I’ve always liked to eat big meals, but after three of four days of beginning this Supplement, I stopped getting cravings and hunger throughout the day. I don’t need to snack and I have been losing weight more easily.  

Again, the sleeping deeper and all through the night is amazing! Its nothing like a sleeping med that gives you a heavy, groggy feeling, its a smooth, even, deep sleep. 

I notice I have more endurance too! 

This product doesn’t have sediment like another fulvic and humic supplement I have tried and Herbanomic’s brand is a lot more powerful, more concentrated. I didn’t notice as much change with that other brand’s bottle I used, so I had stopped taking it a while before I got this.”

Thank you

Lori A, Utah

older couple.jpg

…for empty RO water and getting enough electrolytes and minerals

My husband and I have city water and the taste is awful. We put in an RO unit but immediately knew we needed a trace mineral supplement as our water now had next to nothing valuable in it. We looked at many but realized they were very high in sodium or tasted really awful.

We heard about humic and fulvic trace minerals from a friend and my husband had seen an ad for this brand recently. We decided to give it a try. What an immediate improvement in our energy levels and sleep and hydration!

We don’t go a day without our Humic and fulvic liquid minerals. Herbanomic is a really good brand. There is almost no taste when added to our water and they test for harmful metals. Many other brands just say 70 or 80 trace minerals and don’t check for the bad elements like lead and mercury, why???

Once you try this stuff you will see what I’m talking about!

Nancy Wells, New York

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