All God’s Children and Patriots World Wide
Here is what I say to you so open your eyes.

This is our Nation, our place of rest.
God will return to us, all of the best.

Our free will that always has been
Our free souls that live within.
Our way to worship God above.
Our freedom of choice filled with love.

This is all that is coming to pass.
This is Our world we have prayed for at last.
This is what is coming to each and everyone.
This is our New world for a few billion and some.
This is what will be brilliantly restored
our Constitutional Rights and so much more

Flying on the wings sent from heaven above.
Sent from God with all of his forgiveness and love.
Have a Blessed Day every day that you live.
Following God’s Commandments and blessings he gives.

#SaveTheChildren Save your tears and try not to cry.
The freedom of these precious children who will survive.
Be ready to welcome them back into your arms.
They are the reason we will no longer live to be harmed.
Because they have been found and set free to live.
Brings the world freedom with peace and love to give.

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