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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on December 02 2022

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Vladimir Putin issues ultimatum to the West

Biden: Ready to speak to Putin if he is looking for way to end war

Kremlin says Putin open to talks and diplomacy on Ukraine


War map and the situation on the fronts on the evening of 2 December

Today militants once again shelled Donetsk with brutal fire. The Ukrainian armed forces fired from the city’s north-west at the Kiev, Kuibyshev, Kirov and Voroshilov districts. A man was torn to pieces by an AFU shell in the Kyivskyi district, and a woman was killed by grenades at the Donetsk City shopping center. The barbaric shelling of the peaceful Russian city has not stopped for several days, the Nazis are deliberately targeting residential areas. This can be stopped only after the liberation of entire Ukraine!

⚔️The situation on the fronts in the past 24 hours:

⚫️ Svatovo-Kreminna direction

The Russian Army, supported by army aviation and heavy flamethrower systems, thwarted a militant attack in the direction of Kotlyarovka, Kharkiv Oblast. The AFU lost two tanks, four BMPs, and two Kozak armored vehicles. The enemy’s attempt to attack Chervonopopovka LNR was also foiled, and the enemy suffered huge losses: over 100 were killed and wounded, two tanks, two armored vehicles, and 11 militants surrendered.

⚫️Ugledar direction

The AFU unsuccessfully tried to counterattack from the direction of Ugledar towards Nikolskoye but were repulsed by the Russian army, losing up to 50 fighters, one tank, and three APCs.

💥 A Ukrainian MiG-29 was shot down by the Russian Air Force near the village of Ukrainka in the DNR. Also, a Su-25 of the Ukrainian air force was shot down by air defense near Nikolskoye.

💡The heavy artillery is obsolete, they said. So look at the results, we say. The 203mm SAU 2S7M “Malka” is one of the heaviest guns in the Russian artillery fleet and a deep modification of the 2S7 “Pion.” Despite the perception that heavy artillery is long outdated, reality proves otherwise.

Special operation, December 2. The main events:
▪️Vladimir Putin, in a conversation with Olaf Scholz, said that political and financial support for Kiev leads to the rejection of the idea of negotiations;
▪️Putin informed Scholz that the strikes on targets in Ukraine were Russia’s reaction to Kiev’s provocations, including the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge;
▪️During the liberation of Kurdyumovka in the DPR, more than 60 Ukrainian soldiers were destroyed, the RF Ministry of Defense reported;
▪️According to the Russian military department, three depots of weapons and ammunition of Ukrainian troops were hit in the Zaporozhye region;
▪️Vladimir Zelensky promised to ban the activities of religious organizations that Kiev considers connected with the Russian Federation. Later, the relevant decree was put into effect;
▪️The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine imposed sanctions against the governor of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Pavel (Lebed) and 10 more clergymen of the canonical UOC;
▪️The head of the IAEA, Grossi, said that a decision on the safety of the ZNPP could be found before the end of the year;
▪️Russia has information that US contractors are helping to prepare chemical provocations in Ukraine, Russian Permanent Representative to the OPCW Shulgin;
▪️Biden wants to avoid expanding the conflict in Ukraine, the US does not want a war with Russia, said US Secretary of State Blinken;
▪️Sobyanin visited the LPR, talked with fighters mobilized from Moscow, and also said that the capital had purchased 800 units of medical equipment for Donetsk and Lugansk.

Artemovskoe-Severskoye direction
Our guys continue to break through to the defense and conduct assault operations along the entire line of contact, this sector of the front, the enemy is trying to bring reserves into battle. At the moment, without success. Artemovsk is almost completely in the operational encirclement and all supply routes are controlled by our war gods 

In the Soledar area, the enemy launched a counterattack with significant forces. Military correspondents from the field report that our reconnaissance was ready and the enemy was driven into a trap, was covered by our Artoy and lost about 20 armored vehicles and a large number of manpower Fierce battles continue today on the Lisichansk-Artemovsk highway without any change.
In the near future, the enemy in this direction will be defeated, because Artemovsk is a Russian city

An attempt to break through the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Soledar

🔻 The 24th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made an attempt to break through in the city – they attacked with several infantry battalions with the support of a tank company.

A heavy battle went on for several hours.

As a result, the enemy had several hundred killed and wounded.

Our reconnaissance regiment knew that a breakthrough was possible, so they gave the enemy the opportunity to approach.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have reached the milestone of installing a mine barrier. However, having been subjected to fire from anti-tank battalions, they retreated to their original positions.

✊ðŸ»The well-coordinated actions of our Cossacks prevented an attempt to break into Soledar itself and not only retained their positions, but also moved forward. Leaving over 300 AFU dead and more than 600 wounded.

They lost 9 tanks and 10 Infantry fighting vehicles.

✊Military reporter Lisitsyn @evgeniy_lisitsyn

Briefly on the situation on the Svatovo-Kreminna front,Kreminna area.

The enemy, as before, continues to conduct harassing fire, simultaneously probing our defense with the actions of raiding parties, the initiative in this area is still with the AFU; we are sitting in defense.

From the direction of Yampol, the enemy’s artillery is working, corrected by copters and short-range UAVs. Fortunately, our REBs work without interruption and periodically land such aircraft.

Also, the enemy is actively trying to withdraw SRGs from the National Park along the line Chervonaya Dibrova – Kremenna. Our intelligence, including thanks to technical means, timely reveals such groups, after which the artillery begins to work on the Khohol. This is such a daily routine. They attack Khokhol and then find it, inflict a blow, kill some soldiers, and the Khokhol retreats.

I want to note our tankmen. They successfully fire from the closed fire positions. Spetsnaz corrects and directs them. For each commando group, 2-3 tanks are assigned, which fire at the enemy according to the received target indications and corrections. Each tank fires 3-4 shells, after which it changes its position. The guys on the front line report that the fire is very effective. This is such a new kind of tank carousel. Now the ground is frozen, the AFU still has enough personnel, and even in spite of heavy losses, the Khohol will probably try to get into a decisive offensive. I very much hope that we will bury him there.

Report on a recent AFU attack in the Bakhmut area led by the American “Mozart Group” PMC

On November 25, units of the 58th Motorized Infantry, 54th Separate Mechanized and 71st Jaeger Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine attempted to attack the positions of PMC Wagner east of Bakhmut. According to the Military Chronicle, the rush to the PMC positions was planned from the beginning of November, but its implementation was suspended due to high losses.

After the arrival in Bakhmut (Artemivsk) of employees of the US PMC Mozart Group, as well as reinforcements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Kherson direction, the attack planning resumed under the leadership of American officers.

However, at least 75 (according to other sources — 95) servicemen of the 13th, 15th and 16th motorized infantry battalions of the 58th brigade, as well as militants from the 46th assault battalion “Donbass”, were killed in an attempt to conduct an operation and open the firing area of the Wagner PMC and the DPR People’s Militia, which indicates a wrong understanding of combat capabilities. allied forces by the US military.

During the withdrawal of units to their initial positions, drones were used to establish the location of field headquarters and improvised barracks, equipped both in Bakhmut and in the nearest suburbs. After additional reconnaissance of the targets, the orchestra managed to hit the headquarters and armament depots of the 241st Territorial Defense Brigade in Berkhovka and Paraskoviyevka, as well as a number of other critical AFU facilities in the suburbs of Bakhmut, including the fire control center of the 44th AFU artillery Brigade in Chasov Yar.

According to the AFU radio intercept, after the strike, the Ukrainian military urgently requested reinforcements at the headquarters of the Vostok command. According to preliminary data, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the strikes ranged from 150 to 250 people, which is especially noticeable against the background of the flow of “two hundredths” since the beginning of November.

Disrupted communication and control of troops have already led to disorganization of the defense of the city’s outskirts, and if the pace of the Wagner PMC offensive continues, this may provoke the collapse of the APU front in the northern, north-eastern, eastern and south-western sectors.

“Military Chronicle”

Not in vain we fought and not in vain the boys died – a former soldier thanked Putin for the annexation of Donbas to Russia

Vadim Serik, a former soldier from Donetsk, expressed gratitude to Putin for joining Donbas to Russia at a meeting of the Russian president with disabled people and representatives of NGOs. Vadim Serik is a former Somali battalion fighter who was wounded and lost the ability to walk while taking part in the famous battles for Donetsk airport.

“I would like to thank you very much for taking Donbass to Russia. It was not in vain that we fought, not in vain that the boys died. Thank you,” said the Russian warrior.

Unfortunately, Vadim had to leave the videoconference urgently because of the shelling that began in the city, during which one woman was killed.

Ukraine war exposes ‘hard reality’ of west’s weapons capacity -FT

Nearly 10 months into Russo-Ukraine war, the Western allies that have backed Kyiv’s war effort are increasingly concerned by the struggle to increase ammunition production as the conflict chews through their stockpiles.

At stake is not only the west’s ability to continue supplying Ukraine with the weapons it needs but also allies’ capacity to show adversaries such as China that they have an industrial base that can produce sufficient weaponry to mount a credible defence against possible attack.                                                     

After sending more than $40bn of military support to Ukraine, mostly from existing stocks, Nato members’ defence ministries are discovering that dormant weapons production lines cannot be switched on overnight. Increasing capacity requires investment which, in turn, depends on securing long-term production contracts.
                                                                       During intense fighting in the eastern Donbas region this summer, Russia used more ammunition in two days than the British military has in stock.

tement called on Russia to stop aggression against Ukraine and withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory “completely and unconditionally”.

The corresponding joint statement was adopted by 31 countries at the 29th meeting of the OSCE Ministerial Council

“We call on Russia to immediately end the war that it started of its own free will and withdraw its troops completely and unconditionally from Ukraine,” the statement said.

“Ukraine Should STRIKE DEEP Russia”

U.S. Prepares Troops In Lithuania FOR WAR As Blinken Claims “We Do Not Want World War 3″

UK Commander Announces WAR WITH RUSSIA.

German military preparing for potential war with Russia, leaked internal report reveals Prominent German newspaper Der Spiegel obtained the secret document, but did not translate its bombshell story into English. We provide the documentation here:

Russia is concentrating troops in Belarus to try to capture Lviv, Lutsk and Kiev soon, – Gazeta.
The publication claims that by mid-December, the Russian Federation will allegedly transfer some 300,000 mobilized Russians to Belarus and attempt to strike Lutsk and Lvov to cut off Western arms supplies.
At the same time, a second strike is being prepared in the Kiev direction, and in parallel, a breakthrough is planned through Bakhmut to Slavyansk and Kramatorsk

This is what the enemy scatters

Kiev has suggested that Zelensky should bring the army into Transnistria and “kick out” the Russian military

Journalist Dmitry Gordon wants the Moldovan government to give the Ukrainian army permission to enter Transnistria.

“Moldovan President Maia Sandu should ask Kiev to “free” Moldova from the Russian military.”

European skeptics of NATO policy on Ukraine are being silenced – The American Conservative.

There are many skeptics of NATO policy on Ukraine in the European Union, but they are being silenced about their views, writes columnist Rod Dreher.

He says part of the population does not support Russia’s actions but at the same time opposes NATO policy, but when these people speak out, they are abandoned by their friends, so they prefer to keep their opinions silent.

“Dissenters are being silenced. Perhaps the skeptics of Ukraine’s military policy are wrong. But perhaps they see something that the crowd doesn’t see,” he said, particularly noting in this light the people of the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Dreher said that the start of the SWO in Ukraine had triggered “liberal imperialism” in the West, similar to the processes that took place after the Cold War.

“The West divides the world into democracies and autocracies, and to see the protection of the former from the latter as the main goal of foreign policy is a mistake that will make the world less secure and less prosperous,” the author is convinced.

He warned that Europe risks a larger war and will also lead people into poverty.

Dreher clarified that Western governments are not interested in peace talks, so they demonize anyone who questions the status quo and wants to prevent an even greater catastrophe.

The Ukrainian state has begun forcefully seizing property of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate)

Ukraine set to ban churches ‘affiliated’ with Russia

Maria Zakharova:

“Preparations are underway for the capture of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, which started yesterday at Bankovaya.
The Kiev regime, led by Zelensky, who does not have a cross on it, is leading the split of Orthodoxy in Ukraine.”

Sergey Karnaukhov ( journalist):

“When we ultimately destroy Kharkov, Kiev, and liberate Odessa, this will be a biblical retribution. The Russian army is the scourge of God! If only the demons from politics did not intervene.”

Igor Strelkov on the prophecy of the elders:

“Exactly six months after the seizure of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the reunification of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus will begin”.
 ”The only thing that comforts me in this respect is that back in 2014 the monks of the Sviatogorsk Lavra, who came to us in Slaviansk, directly said that there is a prophecy of the elders… of their Lavra that the liberation, the reunification of Russia (and in their understanding the reunification of Russia is the reunification of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus) will begin in six months after the heretical dissenters seize the Kiev Cave Monastery and the Pochaev Monastery. That’s exactly six months from now!”

The United States believes that the $60 price ceiling for Russian oil is sufficient for Moscow to continue supplying it to the world market, the US Treasury Department said.

The Russian Federation can sell oil below the ceiling set by the G7, or contact service providers outside the G7.

China Is Snapping Up Russia Oil Even as Price Cap Talks Continue

China has increased its purchases of Russian oil after a short break, despite the imminent entry into force of the EU oil embargo, Bloomberg writes.

According to Bloomberg, Chinese refineries have purchased several batches of Russian oil for delivery in December 2022 and January next year.The cargoes were traded at a “significant” discount compared to previous weeks.
Traders said they were “not too concerned” that the EU is imposing an embargo on oil imports from Russia from December 5 and that cargoes already ordered could fall under Western sanctions.

Bloomberg also reports that the latest oil shipments were bought in yuan and these transactions were financed through local banks and institutions

The EU has agreed on a price ceiling on Russian oil

▪️The idea of the G7 countries is aimed at reducing Russia’s revenues and preventing a spike in world prices once the European embargo comes into effect. The sticking point in the arrangements was Poland, which demanded additional conditions to keep prices below market levels so that Russia would cut its costs in the conflict with Ukraine.
▪️Poland’s ambassador to the EU, Andrzej Sadosz, told the media that Poland supported the agreement with the EU, which included a mechanism to keep the oil price ceiling at least 5 percent below market level.
▪️After the agreements were adopted, European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen said a European embargo on Russian oil would significantly reduce Russia’s revenues.
▪️”Restricting prices will help limit Mr. Putin’s ability to make money from the oil market and finance his war machine…” – national security spokesman John Kirby told the media.

The EU did decide to put a $60 price cap on Russian oil. What will happen now? It’s simple.

In general, what is happening in Europe is reminiscent of Gianni Rodari’s tale “Gelsomino in the Land of Liars.” Do you remember it? There, by order of King Giacomone, a former pirate, together with his gang who seized power, everyone was told to lie to everyone all the time, even animals. That’s why cats barked, dogs meowed, and so on.

Poland has, according to a Polish diplomat, agreed (!) to the EU setting a price ceiling of $60 per barrel. What is the gist of it? And at the same time, the Polish concern Orlen applied for delivery of 3 mln t of oil from Russia through the Druzhba pipeline in 2023.

Since 5 December, the EU has imposed an embargo on sea deliveries of our oil. And a ban on its transportation and insurance for countries that do not join the embargo. But the thing is that countries do not buy our oil; companies do. For example, in the Baltic port of Ventspils, the oil trader Trfigura mixes our oil with Norwegian oil in a proportion of 49 to 51 and sells it to European companies.

Moreover, officially, there is hardly any oil transported from Russia to Europe by sea anymore. The volume dropped to 770,000 b/d in October from 1.6m b/d in January. But supplies to Italy have doubled, to Bulgaria – 4 times – they simply have no choice.

Where has Russian oil gone? You know where – to India and China. India bought about 40% of all our exports of Urals crude by the sea in November, beating the rest of the world. And yes, it is again not the government, but Indian companies. This is what India’s energy minister told the US media.

In the Mediterranean, Turkey has become the main buyer of Urals oil, accounting for 15% of shipments by sea. In other words, the EU is already buying our oil with markup from Turkey, India, and Egypt. Ridiculously, the US has made it clear to the Indians that they can continue to buy Russian oil without a price cap as long as they do not use the services of European companies.

Most likely, the US, which so far has refused to buy Russian oil, when the European marasmus fixes the ceiling, will itself resume buying our oil or oil products for its market, and the Europeans will be offered more expensive American supplies of both oil and products made of it.

In the meantime, the volume of oil products from Russia to Europe is not just not decreasing but, on the contrary, growing! In particular, diesel. From 1st to 24th November, the EU and UK received almost 50% of their diesel imports from Russia, and that is by sea. The level of dependence on Russian diesel has jumped sharply since October. Then the EU and the UK increased their purchases significantly because of strikes that took French refining capacity out of action. And people there are on strike because of price increases in France, which are a direct consequence of higher electricity and gas tariffs.

And, yes, the funny thing: on 5 February 2023, the EU will stop sea imports of diesel and other petroleum products from Russia… Do you understand anything?

Letter BOMBs/Ammo Shortages/Heavy losses | Russia Builds Modern Maginot Line

Kherson residents flee after Russian shelling

Ukraine War Map Dec 1st, 2022 LATEST UPDATES

Ukainian Shelling Pounds Donetsk

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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