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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on May 22 2023

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Anti-Russia militia claims to have captured Russian border town

Putin mocks Ukrainian incursion in Russian city as ‘diversion from Bakhmut embarrassment’

On the Situation in the #Belgorod Region⚡️

Judging by the number of armored vehicles that entered, which managed to advance to the #Kozinka – #Glotovo intersection, two tanks, one armored personnel carrier and nine armored vehicles – in total, up to an enemy company – can participate in a “PR campaign” designed to raise the morale of the AFU after the loss of #Bakhmut.

Mi-28, Mi-8 and Ka-52 have been spotted in the border area, hunting for visiting SRGs.

Naturally, all this is legendary under the “struggle for independence”, so the RDK and Freedom of Russia are going forward. But they are in charge of this, as they have recently recognized ( in the Western press, British specialists. We wrote back in May that the attacks of the SRG and sabotage operations in the border zone with Russia are entrusted ( to the officers of the Special Airborne Service of Great Britain (SAS) 2022.

Actually, the “Russian Volunteer Corps” and the “Legion of Freedom of Russia” are simulacra created by British advisers, which are designed, first of all, to cause division and confusion on the territory of the Russian Federation.



On the AFU SRG Mass Sortie at the RF Border⚡️

The Video of the shelling and fighting at the border crossing #Grayvoron in #Belgorod region is actively shared on the net. Based on the personnel published by Ukrainian resources, it can be concluded that both Humvees and an US tank entered the checkpoint itself.

The result is massive sowing of panic among the population of the border area. Beside real footage of the battles at the checkpoint, staged videos were thrown in. Romanov writes ( that one of the videos with movement of equipment was filmed near #Shostka in #Sumy region.

Concurrently with the fighting at the #Grayvoron border crossing, Ukrainians fired at several Grayvoron and Shebekinsky district border settlements, damaging residential buildings and infrastructure.

The “offensive” is being conducted more actively in the info field. Apparently, the Ukrainian side managed to kill part of the frequencies of local radio stations, which is why panic calls are being spread on the radio, including on the start of evacuation from border areas. This does not reflect reality.

According to Veteran’s notes (, the border guards withdrew to equipped positions, because the crossing itself is not adapted for defence. Then, a fire defeat was inflicted on the enemy forces.

It is not known how long the RDK and Freedom of Russia militants action lasted, but most likely we are seeing exactly the same scenario as in the case of the #Bryansk region, where on 👉 2 March ( militants of the “Russian Volunteer Corps” came in.

They came in – shot – removed the reporting content – sowed panic – left.

📌 There is an “Offensive” on the RF border two days after the loss of #Bakhmut. Regardless of the outcome of today’s events, the AFU has can declare success. However, even a temporary entry to the checkpoint is not comparable to the loss of one of the iconic SMO cities.

Today, a group of Ukrainian saboteurs entered the territory of the Belgorod region in the area of the Graivoron point. Simultaneously with the sortie, CIPSO launched a large-scale information campaign, throwing in a large amount of false information. This was done in order to cause panic among the inhabitants of the region and switch public attention from the catastrophic defeat of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine in Bakhmut.

False information was thrown into the public that Ukrainian terrorists had attacked a certain nuclear facility in the Belgorod 22 military camp, as a result of which a radiation leak occurred. The videos presented as evidence turned out to be fake.

Reports of the evacuation of Belgorod also do not hold true. Footage with a long traffic jam on the streets of the city turned out to be filmed several hours before the invasion of the DRG and was intended to demonstrate the “traffic jam” formed in Belgorod due to an accident.

CIPSO fabricated the content quickly, but the quality was low. The fake video of the explosion in the warehouses in Grayvoron was immediately debunked by the simple fact that the flash and sound of the explosion occurred at the same time, although the operator was at a considerable distance from the place of detonation.

The photographs, given out as images of a police station seized by terrorists, were actually taken in Moscow on a traffic police battalion base .

Even the photos of the destroyed buildings, which were allegedly damaged during the battle with the terrorists, turned out to be made in the Zaporozhye region.

At the moment, there is also no confirmation of information about losses among Russian military personnel, which is being distributed by Ukrainian telegram channels.

According to the governor of the Belgorod region, eight civilians were wounded during the hostilities. A counter-terrorist operation (CTO) regime has been introduced in the Belgorod Region.

We urge you not to succumb to the fake news of the Ukrainian CIPSO and trust only information from official sources.


Kiev appears to have sent a kamikaze platoon across the border into Russia’s Belgorod region, to get a PR “victory” as cover for Bakhmut becoming Artyomovsk again over the weekend.

You really can tell who is operating in the real world, and who is entirely caught up in the fake, virtual-reality overlay.

Ironically, it took an American booster of Ukraine to accurately describe Kiev’s PR-oriented strategy, calling it a “Hunger Games scenario.”

Zelensky’s regime is “constantly playing to the cameras to cajole extra gifts from the wealthy sponsors who watch its every move over the internet in real time,” a chap by the name of Chris Nicholson said ( in a Substack post earlier today. He called it “grotesque and sobering” but decided it was fine since the Ukrainians themselves were making the comparison.

The gallows-humor-funny part here is not just that the Globalist American Empire and its acolytes perceive the world through the lens of Hollywood entertainment (remember the “Avengers” and “Star Wars” cringe?), but that in doing so they adopt the framework of the villains.

If you haven’t read Hunger Games, the premise is that a tyrannical government (Capitol) forces the subjugated provinces (Districts) to send a child each every year to fight to the death in the arena, as a gesture of ritual submission. While it is possible to “win” — i.e. be the last person standing — and the regime’s favorites usually do, the experience is harrowing. The protagonist of the series tries to buck the system (in a variation on “the only way to win is not to play”) and eventually succeeds, though at a horrible cost.

Oh and the Capitol just so happens to be into degeneracy, decadence, lavish displays of opulence, and body modifications bordering on horror. Any similarities with persons real and imagined are surely a coincidence, right? Right?

Legitimniy   Yesterday’s fake by telegram channels about the downed Su-35 and today’s hysteria over the capture of the Belgorod region confirms only one thing.
Podolyak and the gang received instructions from Yermak to urgently litter the information background in order to shift the focus from the surrender of the Bakhmut fort.

The loss of Bakhmut is a personal image blow for Zelensky and Yermak, who sacrificed a wide offensive in order to hold the “fortress”, but the efforts and costs did not justify themselves.
Office workers are afraid that they will be asked for this failure. Here they gave their garbage heaps to arrange a clowning and distract the masses.

The losses in Bakhmut of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were huge – everyone who was in this meat grinder knows this.

RT reports: Russian military created a trap for Ukrainian saboteurs in the Belgorod region and allowed them to go to the Graivoronsky district in order to eliminate them there, a RT source said.

 “There are no hostages, no evacuation has been announced, the locals themselves decide to leave. The operation is under control,” the source said.

According to Governor Gladkov, the security forces are taking the necessary measures to eliminate the enemy.

There are at least two explosions in Belgorod. Previously, the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the UFSB were attacked by drones. 

 Our fighters from the Belgorod region reported:

“ At the moment, the enemy has gone beyond 0. We are moving towards the checkpoint, the advance is complicated by the fact that the enemy can remain in private homes and it is impossible to use heavy weapons. Also, air strikes were carried out at the checkpoint this afternoon, presumably the armored personnel carrier with tail number 430 was destroyed at the inspection point, but this information is being specified »

We are waiting for our guys to go to the checkpoint itself.

“In Grayvoron, two private residential buildings were attacked by drones. As a result of the release of explosive devices from the UAV, they ignited. There were no casualties. All emergency services were dispatched to the scene.

In the village of Borisovka, an explosive device was repeatedly dropped from an UAV onto an administrative building. There were no casualties. All services are in place. “  Gladkov 

Border districts of Belgorod region are fully taken under control – Readovka’s source from the scene

The territories of Gory Podol, Glotovo and Kozinka, where the Ukrainian DRG entered, have been fully taken under the control of the Russian army.

Now, according to the source, they are combing the area – the security forces are looking for the remaining terrorists from the Ukrainian DRG.

This is how the situation in the Belgorod region looks like now.

Judging by the number of armored vehicles that managed to reach the Kozinka-Glotovo intersection, 2 tanks, 1 APC and 9 armored trucks – in total, up to 1 enemy company is participating in a PR campaign designed to raise the morale of the AFU after the loss of Bakhmut.

Mi-28, Mi-8 and Ka-52 were spotted in the border area, which are hunting for intruding recon groups.

Naturally, all this is mythologized under the “struggle for independence”, so the Russian Volunteer Corps and “Freedom of Russia” units went ahead. But, as the Western press has recently admitted (, British specialists are in charge of this. We wrote back in May ( 2022 that the recon groups sorties and sabotage operations in the border zone with Russia were assigned to the officers of the British Special Air Service (SAS).

Actually, the “Russian Volunteer Corps” and the “Legion of Freedom of Russia” are simulacra created by British advisers, which are designed, first of all, to bring division and confusion on the territory of the Russian Federation.

ATTENTION: The enemy is conducting a large-scale psy-op around the attack of the DRG in Belgorod, a lot of lies are being spread online.
CIPSO is churning out fake videos and photos one after another, allegedly from eyewitnesses from the scene, and sending them to Russian channels.

▪️They sent us a video allegedly with the explosion of an ammo warehouse with the following caption:
“Hello. I would like to inform you that the Ukronazis have just shelled a food warehouse in Grayvoron. We are very scared. We hope it will all be over soon.”

▪️Also, the psy-op troops of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine made a primitive video with village actors who are rushing in the Belgorod region and cannot get into a bomb shelter.

▪️Before that, all the Russian media (including us) passed a photo allegedly with the consequences of the battle and a broken house, which was in fact a building after shelling in Zaporozhye.


The latest information from the Belgorod region.

8 civilians were wounded and none of them died, 39 intruders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed.

 I would like to say a little about the situation on the border.

We will not give false or truthful information about the shelling, the escalating situation at the border, etc.

Often, TG channels pick up information and, without checking, pass it on.
We want to say that these actions are completely natural and predictable. The loss of Bakhmut produces even more bile in the Armed Forces of the Ukraine. They cannot repulse the strong part of our groupings, they cannot hold back the onslaught on the directions of our strike. In retaliation, they deploy mortar crews and hit (attention!) settlements with civilians. And this is understandable. They cannot fight our troops, but they can sow panic among the people and thereby turn the people against the NWO. We urge YOU to steadfastly endure these events, because it is not easier for those who are in arms.

Calls to rally around a common problem involve not only writing supportive slogans, but also “experiencing” such moments.

As for the DRG, there is not a single real battle where the RDK (Russian Volunteer Corps) took part. They enter the border villages and take fancy photos without any effective work. The fact that they shot civilians in Bryansk, among whom were children, is not an indicator of strength and heroism.

Archangel Spetsnaza


Orekhovo. AFU tank movement

In the afternoon, a convoy of vehicles arrived in the city.

On the tanks near Orekhovo : there is nothing remarkable at the moment, the usual movement of vehicles.

Moreover, along the entire LBS there are demonstration runs ( of the same columns in a circle: this creates the appearance of the arrival of reinforcements and the introduction of new reserves into battle.

Against the backdrop of today’s action in the Belgorod region, any movement in other areas will now be perceived quite sharply.

The enemy has pulled down its forces and may start a breakthrough towards Donetsk, – 384 MPRT
This was reported by the 384th Separate Special Purpose Marine Reconnaissance Post

▪️ According to local sources, on the night of May 20-21, a large batch of armoured vehicles of the Ukrainian armed forces and the National Guard entered Avdeevka via the Kurakhovo railway station. Over the past 72 hours, wave after wave of enemy manpower, including the forces of the so-called “assault brigades”, have arrived in the town. ▪️ There has also been a sharp increase in tanks and other combat vehicles at the old brick factory in the town of Krasnogorovka.
▪️ On 21 May, starting at 8 p.m., the personnel of the Avdeevka garrison began to be given narcotic painkillers (probably not Promedol, but “foreign drugs”).
▪️ In addition, for the fourth day now, intelligence has been recording attempts by the Ukrainian side to find gaps in our defence for the advance of tank columns from Avdiivka towards Donetsk.
▪️ Our sources also note that the Ukrainian Air Force has a combat order to use ADM-160B MALD decoy missiles in the Donetsk direction on May 22-25, which also serves as an intelligence sign that the enemy is preparing an offensive against the DPR capital (the said missiles are a cheap means of overcoming air defense).
▪️ “Bottom line: all warriors and defenders of Novorossiya should keep their eyes open! Starting from 03:00 am on 22.05.2023 and for the next 48 hours – maximum attention to the attempts of the enemy to surreptitiously move towards Donetsk. But don’t panic – just keep the ATGMs at the ready a little more actively than we kept them at the ready before. Godspeed!”  – the fighters address.

Special Operation, 22 May 2023, Main; pub. 21:03⚡️

▪️ An Ukrainian SRG has entered the #Grayvoron district in #Belgorod region, the military and security forces are taking all measures to eliminate it, the head of the region Gladkov said this afternoon;

▪️ An anti-terrorist operation regime has been imposed in the #Belgorod region since Monday;

▪️ In the #Belgorod region SRG attack 8 people have been injured, but no fatalities, the governor said;

▪️ Most of the population of the border villages and the district centre where the SRG entered have fled the territory, Gladkov said;

▪️ Putin was informed about the saboteurs attempt to break into the #Belgorod region, work is underway to squeeze them out of the territory of the Russian Federation, there are enough forces and means on the spot, presidential spokesman Peskov said;

▪️ The purpose of the sabotage is “to divert attention from the #Bakhmut direction, to minimize the political effect of the loss of #Artyomovsk (#Bakhmut) by the Ukrainian side,” Peskov added;

▪️ RF Armed Forces launched a group missile strike on Ukraine’s Dnieper airfield, striking aircraft, hangars with weapons and ammunition, as well as a missile preparation position, the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) said.

▪️ Ukrainian forces suffered up to 55 casualties in the Krasny #Liman direction, up to 270 casualties in the #Donetsk direction, over 150 casualties in the #SouthDonetsk and #Zaporozhye directions, up to 50 military personnel in the #Kupyansk direction and over 20 casualties in the #Kherson direction MoD said;

▪️ #EU hopes to start deliveries of fighter jets to #Ukraine soon, #EU diplomatic chief Borrell said;

▪️ Possible deliveries of F-16 fighter jets are not directly linked to the Ukrainian counterattack, Czech Foreign Minister Lipavsky said. The Swedish Foreign Ministry does not believe that deliveries of F-16s to Kiev will lead to an escalation of the Ukrainian conflict.

Russian Defence Ministry Report on the Progress of the Special Military Operation (22 May 2023)⚡️

The RF Armed Forces continue the special military operation.

💥 Last night, the RF Armed Forces launched a group strike by high-precision long-range air-based weapons against facilities of the Dnepr airfield.

◽️ The purpose of the strike has been achieved. All the assigned targets have been destroyed.

◽️ As a result of the strike, hangars with weapons and ammunition, aviation equipment, as well as a technical missile preparation position have been hit.

◽️ In Kupyansk direction, aviation, artillery, and troops of the Zapad Group of Forces have engaged the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) close to Dvurechnaya, Masyutovka, Sinkovka, Kotlyarovka, and Krakhmalnoye (Kharkov region).

◽️ In addition, actions of three sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were thwarted near Timkovka, Ivanovka, and Kislovka (Kharkov region).

◽️ Up to 50 Ukrainian troops, 2 motor vehicles, and 1 D-30 howitzer have been neutralised during the day.

◽️ An ammunition depot of the 103rd Territorial Defence Brigade of the AFU has been eliminated close to Stelmakhovka (LPR).

◽️ In Krasny Liman direction, Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, artillery, and heavy flamethrower systems of the Tsentr Group of Forces engaged the units of the AFU close to Nevskoye, Chervonaya Dibrova (LPR), and Grigorovka (DPR).

◽️ Up to 55 Ukrainian troops, 2 AFVs, 3 motor vehicles, 1 Msta-B and D-30 howitzer were destroyed.

💥 In Donetsk direction, the Yug Group of Forces, aviation, and artillery have eliminated up to 270 Ukrainian troops, 4 AFVs, 3 motor vehicles, and 1 D-20 and 2 D-30 howitzers.

💥 In South Donetsk and Zaporozhye directions, aviation and artillery of the Vostok Group of Forces inflicted a fire damage on AFU units close Shevchenko (DPR), and Marfopol, Malaya Tokmachka, and Nesteryanka (Zaporozhye region).

◽️ One SRG of the AFU has been disabled close to Novodonetskoye (DPR).

◽️ More 150 Ukrainian troops, 2 pickup trucks, and 2 D-30 howitzers have been neutralised during the day.

◽️ Moreover, an ammunition depot of the 65th Mechanised Brigade of the AFU was destroyed close to Orekhov (Zaporozhye region).

💥 In Kherson direction, the fire damage has neutralised over 20 Ukrainian troops, 4 motor vehicles, 1 Giatsint-B gun, and a Msta-B howitzer during the day.

◽️ In addition, an ammunition depot of the AFU 123rd Territorial Defence Brigade was destroyed near Stanislav (Kherson region).

💥 Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, and artillery of the Russian Group of Forces have engaged 98 AFU artillery units, manpower, and hardware in 107 areas during the day.

💥 Air defence facilities have shot down 1 Mi-8 helicopter of Ukrainian Air Force near Lozovoye (DPR).

◽️ In addition, 5 rockets of the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system were intercepted during the day.

◽️ In addition, 17 Ukrainian UAVs have been destroyed in the areas of Kremenets, Peski, Aleksandrovka, Veseloye (DPR), Sladkaya Balka, Marfopol (Zaporozhye region), and Sergeyevka and Lyubimovka (Kherson region).

Chronicle of a special military operation for May 22, 2023

The key event of the past day was the attack by Ukrainian formations on the border Graivoron urban district in the Belgorod region. The enemy has been stopped only on the outskirts of Grayvoron .

At the moment, Russian units continue to clean up in the villages of Kozinka and Glotovo. At the same time, concentrations of forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are observed in Udy , Liptsy , Volchansk and Strelechya , Kharkov Oblast.

At the same time, Ukrainian formations shelled at least nine settlements in the Belgorod region: residential buildings and civilian objects were damaged. According to the latest data, eight civilians were injured.

And earlier in the night, Russian troops used Geran-2 drones and cruise missiles to strike AFU facilities in Dnepropetrovsk, as well as Odessa , Zaporizhye and Nykolaev regions .

🔻 Read more on our website

Bakhmut in Russian Hands, Now What? – Col Doug Macgregor


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