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Next Pandemic - Redacted News.. 'Bill Gates announces the next pandemic date and outbreak location' (with transcript), given December 26, 2022

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The trouble is that we are so entrenched in the system that we don’t see passed it, even the show hosts don’t see passed vaccination (read down). The Rothschilds who run the system and those who implement the system are counting on it, as Jacob R. pointed out to  Henry Makow in (reply no. 5), that most people will do simply what they see most other people doing, or believe what most other people believe. They don’t think. They have no rational thought.

All vaccines are BAD, because they acidify the blood and acidified blood does not hold cells in suspension very well, so they clump and block up in small capillaries to deny discrete areas of the body oxygen, thus causing M.A.S.S. or Moulden’s Anoxia Spectrum Syndromes. Anoxia is the prime cause of Cancer (Dr Otto Warburg). Meat acidifies, all animal product acidifies.. According to independent researchers, ‘graphene oxide’ is exceedingly acidifying, so we get clumping of cells, and things like Bell’s Palsy, drooping of the muscles in the face. Graphene, highly electrical, travels through the blood-brain barrier and shuts down the strongest magnet in the brain, the Pineal Gland. Yet, Graphene is shed by the body.

Most people don’t trust the body, but trust the government instead. They do what the media tells them to do (Jacob R.). But people who trust their bodies, know that the body always seeks to come back into balance, into harmony and good working order. So we do what makes us feel better – the body to work better. Remember that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit’; you are not your own, you were bought at a price (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Just sayin’, I haven’t been to a doctor in 50 years, and my body works all right. No complaints; I live vegetarian/vegan and take only Iodine and (plant) Boron as supplements with the occasional Zinc &C. For whatever ails you, look up ‘the dis-ease, food’, and you will find information… And most of that information is for vegetable foods, herbs and spices, etc. Alkalinizing foods.

by Redacted News

December 26, 2022

Clayton Morris: “Let’s talk about Bill Gates and the next pandemic. Bill Gates and the World Health Organization have announced when we will see the next pandemic, and they have a date for us. So get this on your calendar and prepare, you know, your trips around this next pandemic right now. We’ll have more on that in a second, and the dates.

But you will remember Bill Gates and the World Health Organization, previously held what was known as ‘the 2001 Event’. Event 201, sorry, ‘Event 201’, and it was about the Event 201 exercise. It was a simulation involving a coordinated “global response” to a corona virus that they held in a simulation, just months before CoVid-19 was declared a global pandemic. So they’re pretty good at predicting this stuff.

I don’t know how they pulled this off.

Guest David Foster: Bill Gates..Yeah, no Fauci.. Remember Fauci told Trump in 2017, not that there could be- not that there might be, but there would be a pandemic during his presidency.

Clayton Morris: Yes.

Natali Morris: Yeah, and Obama ran exercises for it during his, uh, presidency…. during his presidency.

Clayton Morris: So they’ve just gotten together into doing it again now. Uh, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with ‘John Hopkins Center for Health Security’ and the ‘World Health Organization’. I wish I was making this up, but this is not a conspiracy theory. They did this. And they just conducted their next “pandemic table top exercise” in Belgium.

It’s called ‘The Catastrophic Contagion’ … (as if his wife is speaking to him) “Hey, honey, where are you going this weekend?” I’m going to Belgium… I’ve got a conference.. “Oh, yeah, What’s it about?” Uh, it’s called ‘The Catastrophic Contagion Event’. “Oh, what are you guys going to be doing?” Oh, we’re just planning the next pandemic. Just getting everything ready; get everybody locked up in the new virus and vaccines. We’ll have vaccines ready to go, because that’s how we do this. We plan it, and then we, of course, have vaccines ready to go.”

So this is the video that Bill Gates put together along with the team, complete with ‘simulated news reports’, like this – This is really what they’re preparing for us. This video is called, ‘Get Ready” …. Watch.

  image Catastrophic Contagion, October 23, 2022

Catastrophic Contagion, a global challenge, Breaking News  …

News reader: “Two Latin American countries alerted the WHO of several outbreaks of a new infectious disease that’s mysteriously appearing across the region: ‘Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome 2025’.

Clayton Morris: Oh, so that’s the name, guys, just write this down. That’ll be the name of it, okay? SEERS, it’s going to be called “the severe epidemic enterovirus respiratory syndrome”. In 2025 is when we’ll see it. Okay. Now it says at the bottom “this is a fictional scenario”.. But- (laughter), but come on..

News reader (intro): “In six weeks alone there have been five hundred confirmed or suspected cases reported. The virus could cause a severe pandemic if early containment and mitigation efforts are not successful.

Speaker (Luis Gomez Sambo): The pandemic in this type of situation, and trend would be a risk for the global health security.

Speaker (Tom Inglesby): Pandemics are inherently political, financial and so much broader.

Speaker (Awa Marie Coll-Seck): We have not spoken on the leadership in the country, and I think that we need to be also very careful. We cannot decide a lot of things without the leaders be involved and agree on that.

Clayton Morris: Oh really! That’s an interesting point that she’s making. Or instead of unelected globalists making decisions, she’s saying, ‘Wait a minute, we need to have our leaders involved in this discussion.

Natali Morris: Wait, so the white guy was the dissenter, like the one we’re supposed to say, “Oh yeah, he’s a naysayer, we don’t agree with him.” And she shuts him down.

Clayton Morris: Exactly.. Yeah, go ahead.

Speaker (Professor Aggrey Ambali): There is no substitute for national leadership.

Speaker (Johanna Hanefeld): It’s important to support the local response of the National Response.

Speaker (Dr Vincent Biruta of Rwanda): Train, in those  delays, this- these areas.. First, enabling them with the tools protecting them, and if needs be, regional solidarity first.

Speaker (Krishnaswamy Vijay Raghavan): At this stage communication is key, and communication should include not just scientists with data, but also social, religious and political leaders.

Speaker (Tom Frieden): Trust, this is an essential issue. And trust was broken among countries, between populations and Healthcare Systems, between Healthcare systems and governments.

Speaker (Awa Marie Coll-Seck): I’m very sorry to say that in 2025, we need to change things in the system.

Speaker (Ursula von der Leyen): WHO needs to be a voice for the voiceless.

Speaker (Donald Kaberuka): None of us until all of us.

News Comment (Jeanne Meserve): As of today there have been an estimated 1 billion cases worldwide with more than 20 million deaths, including nearly 15 million children. Countless millions are alive, but left with paralysis or brain damage.

Clayton Morris: Oh. Okay that’s hell,, So,.. I’m sorry.. You hear those numbers? A billion people.. Okay.. millions of children and then those who are left will have brain damage and paralysis. So that’s- that’s what we’ll have. That’s– that’s how this is going to unfold.

News comment (Jeanne Meserve): The most successful countries, which invested in preparedness and trained for this moment years in advance.. This included having full-time pandemic preparedness and response teams which conducted detailed operational planning and routinely tested those plans through exercises and drills.

Clayton Morris: Ah, Okay, I should also point out– I didn’t recognize her at first. This is Jeanne Meserve; she used to be a CNN anchor. She used to be a CNN reporter. (Natali Morris:) Did she? (Clayton Morris:) Yeah. So now, I mean, it just goes to show you like the cozy.. I didn’t recognize her at first; she’s– her hair is– she’s older, gray, and I didn’t recognize her. Uh, but, uh, she was a CNN anchor/reporter. This just goes to show you the cosiness between the mainstream media and the likes of, like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the- the- the World Health Organization, to go out, you know.. To add credibility to a message that they’re trying to get out.

Natali Morris: Yes, but we are also- we have been freelance journalists before, too, when you realize that she’s just taking a contract job, you know. Maybe we shouldn’t begrudge someone taking a paying job, so..

Clayton Morris: All right..

Guest David Foster: And I saw this circulating online. Really quick.. um, and I- I found it on Youtube, and I showed Jennifer, because I was like,“This is like crazy.” That this was before CoVid hit that they were playing this, and now you can’t find it on Youtube, like, and I watched it on Youtube. So it’s– so after it started to gain traction, it was scrubbed from Youtube, and now I believe you can only find it on Rumble.

Clayton Morris: This video?? .. (David:), Uh hum… (Clayton Morris:) Okay, you said this was before CoVid, because this just came out.

Guest David Foster: Oh, this is the new one?.. Okay, so you’ve not seen the old one then. ..Oh I saw it!

Clayton Morris: I never saw the old one,

Guest David Foster: Okay,

Clayton Morris: No- no, this is the new one.

Guest David Foster: Okay. So they did the exact same thing before Covid. It was basically this exact same thing. They laid out that it was coming, they had news people, they had the table of- of people talking about it. It’s like, basically the exact same thing.

Clayton Morris: Yeah, I couldn’t find that video. I mean.. I showed you the ‘Event 201’, but no this is the new one that just came out. This is the brand new one we just did in Belgium for the 2025.. the New Pandemic.

News comment (Jeanne Meserve): …. There might have been much less.

Clayton Morris: There it is..

 Catastrophic Contagion
 a global challenge exercise
 23 October 2022

Clayton Morris: ’Catastrophic Contagion’ from October 2022. And now 2025. so that’s what it’ll be. It’ll be the SEERS, the SEERS infection.. the SEERS virus.

Guest David Foster: They said that was an enterovirus.. They said that was an enterovirus, which is, uh.. Enterovirus which is a, uhh, that was a– Polio was an enterovirus.

Clayton Morris: Oh, good.. so..

Natali Morris: And CoVid was not?

Clayton Morris: Interesting, No..

Guest David Foster: CoVid was a Corona.

Natali Morris: Oh, oh, okay. It’s a- that’s okay then..

Clayton Morris: So, yeah, the same people behind ‘Event 201’ that David was just talking about from a few years ago.. took place almost three years ago.. to the day, by the way. They completed their new one now, and they say that this is going to originate in Brazil – 2025, and get ready.

So in addition to Bill Gates, the ten– and ten current and former Health ministers and senior public health officials from Senegal, Rwanda, Nigeria, Angola, Liberia, Singapore, India, Germany, participated in the simulation. They had prerecorded news broadcasts, as you saw, and then they had the ‘virus simulation’ and they tested the rates of spread, and how this would affect children and sweep across the globe, and how they would go into ‘lockdowns’ and what they would do. And preparing, of course, for.. uh, for vaccines as well, making sure that those are lined up perfectly with this.

See this is the beauty of what these guys do, right? They know it’s coming, so then they just develop the vaccines that they can sell to us, and they have them ready to go, right there.
 Image Henry Kissinger at the WHO's Council on Eugenics in 2009

Natali Morris: Yes. But you can see there’s a clear narrative of like, you know, ‘naysayer guy, you know, saying, “Well, these pandemics are political.”  ..We’re not going to hand over the power, absolutely not. And then the sort of cooler heads in the room prevail, like, “No, we need a global response, we need centralized power. No we absolutely…. No, you unreasonable guy.” They- they played him as a caricature (Clayton Morris): Right. (Natali Morris): Um, and then they showed other people saying, “Absolutely’, and- and it’s interesting that they have people who look like they’re from African countries, when the African Union has said, “We do not want to participate in centralized power through the World Health Organization, if there’s a next pandemic. We absolutely will not be handing over power this way.”

Clayton Morris: Yeah. (David Foster): One thing that I think.. (Clayton Morris): .. The African nations that stood up and actually voted that down… Go ahead David.

Guest David Foster: Well, I was gonna say, like I was saying from the very very beginning, and we were talking about on the show, that.. If there was actually a global pandemic, then these companies would have got together with world leaders and they would have created this vaccine and spread it to the world, free of charge. Because they are profitable enough. The government could have paid for it, to do that. … But when they made it, so that they created basically nine new billionaires, and it was so profitable for them that it shows you the true motivation. .. That it was NOTHING about a pandemic. (Clayton): Yeah.. (Natali): Yeah (David): And this is the same thing, it’s like…

Natali Morris: Yeah. Mrs Mom in the chat is saying, “Do you see that they’re, say, targeting kids?” ..Because that that was the piece that I feel, like that was missing from CoVid, is that we realized that it was not particularly um, terrible on children. And so this is- this is what it’s like trying to show us -that would be different. Because if we got another CoVid related disease, we might not all mobilize the same way we did the first time. (Clayton): Right. (Natali): But if it’s, OH!!.. It’s going to hit our kids.. Oh it’s, You don’t just live with long CoVid.. but you live BRAIN DEAD..

Clayton Morris: Oh, that’s the polio thing that Phil was talking about, right?

Guest David Foster: Yeah, I was going to say.. I wonder- I wonder if that’s why they chose an enterovirus, because they- because they wanted to– It just wasn’t scary enough. It’s not scary unless it involves children… They maybe that’s why they went..

Clayton Morris: And then you made polio vaccine to your point earlier, as part of a routine, like.. (Natali): Well, it is. (Clayton): Now polio is now part of your routine shots. .. What I’m saying is whatever new thing that they create would become part of your new inoculation schedule for children. (Natali): Yes..

So this– 2007: they had a lockdown in place, we learned this week.. He did some good digging here. We learned this morning, thanks to some good reporting by Will Jones, that the U.S. government had a plan in place for lockdown since 2007, to lock down and wait for a vaccine again. … Since 2007. It’s a pandemic plan produced by the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, was hosted on the FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act 1978] website. It lays out banning any large number of gathering, definitely closing schools, non-essential businesses, institute work from home policies. And quarantine “exposed and not sickened” – exposed and not sick individuals.. Quarantine those people too.

The aim is simple and clear, to slow the spread and wait for the vaccine. And Here’s a quote from the plan: “During a pandemic, the goal will be to slow the virus’ transmissions; delaying the spread of the virus will provide more time for vaccine development while reducing the stress on an already burdened healthcare system.” …. So that was in place. That’s been in place. Thanks to Will Jones for uncovering that.

So there you go, that’s.. uh, Get ready 2025 Brazil, and uh, mark your calendars now. Make sure you plan your vacations accordingly.

Natali Morris: Mm’kay, I don’t want to do that, but. (Clayton): I don’t either.

Thank you so much for watching this segment here at ‘Redacted’. We are live every day at 4pm eastern time, trying to share the stories that the mainstream media will not cover. You should also come over and join our community of Redacted Rebels over at “”, that’s our private local community where we can share exclusive content that we simply cannot share here on Youtube…. Come over and join the Rebellion together, right now by going to “”. We’ll see you next time.



Bill Gates announces the next pandemic date and outbreak location

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