Submarine tunnel wars, cyberattacks, power outages, Russian Mil and Navy blockade near Hawaii, disclosure, Greta, child rescues and more.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Dozens of rebels lay down weapons in the east

Burma-Myanmar: Army clashes with People's Defense Forces (PDF) anti-junta militia in Mandalay

Syria: Shelling between rebels and troops kills 10 people in Idlib

Situation Report: Underground Wars! - Must Video

Tensions Escalating Between US and North Korea

India: 2 maoists rebels killed in encounter with police

Strong Indications That 5th Column Forces Are Going Active As a Prelude to Invasion: Dave Hodges

Situation Update: Raw War Footage! - Must Video

The Silent War: Impasse Between Patriots & Communists! What Comes Next? - Dustin Nemos Must Video

Burma-Myanmar: Tatmadaw targets civilians following military defeat in Kachin State, KWAT says

End of US Authorization to Use Force in Iraq Does Not Mean Peace

USA Under Attack By A Foreign Country! - Must Video

Cameroon: Cameroon deploys troops to fight Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) separatists

Somalia: Attack kills 10 people at Mogadishu army training camp

Sweden’s Military Preparing to Repel “Russian Aggression”

The Deep State War 1 - Mockingbird - Ft Bill Cooper - A Film By MrTruthBomb (Remastered) - Must Video

Mike Adams/Blazing Press - China / Russia Urgent Update

France: French army kills Mali jihadist linked to 2 journalist murders

Syria: Syrian regime shelling kills 10 people near Idlib

Afghanistan: Islamic State (IS) claims responsibility for attack on mine-clearing workers

South Darfur: 36 killed and dozens wounded in clashes between Taisha and Fallata tribes

The US Now Prepping For War With China! Dispatching Air Force Across Pacific! Taiwan Faces Invasion! - Timcast Must Video

Nigeria: Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau killed himself, says Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP)

Burma-Myanmar: Security forces clash with villagers, media report 20 dead

Human Rights Watch – Lasting Wounds | Consequences of Genocide and War for Rwanda’s Children, Volume 15, N° 5 (A), March 2003 (PDF)

Ethiopia: Ethiopia rejects calls for ceasefire in Tigray claiming victory is near

Afghanistan: Over 100 Taliban terrorists killed in clashes with Afghanistan forces

NATO’s Rearming of Ukraine Under Sea Breeze 2021 Guise Is for Future Conflict in Donbass

Guardian of the Wall vs Sword of Jerusalem: The IDF won a Military Operation, Hamas the Political One

Democratic Republic of the Congo: At least 50 killed in attacks on two villages