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French-Indian Counterterrorism Meeting Is First Step in Cooperation Against Pakistan

COVID REVEALED - Campaign of Terror and Genocide

Shanghai Bloc Expected to Fight Terrorism in Central Asia

End of State of Emergency Indicates Consolidation of Power by Al Sisi

Saudi Arabia-Iran Rapprochement Might Change Face of the Middle East

Washington Does Not Cooperate With the Search for Peace in Afghanistan

The US War in Afghanistan Is Over, Says Biden, but the US Remains at War

South Africa Interested in Expanding its Military Influence Against Terrorists

Terrorism Advancing in Central Asia

Graphene Oxide in Killer Vaccines (Hope & Tivon) Part 1 and 2 (SGT Report)

Top US Generals Blatantly Lied About Afghanistan and Iraq Wars to Advance Their Careers

Copenhagen "Outsources" Refugees Who Worked for Danish Forces in Afghanistan

Up to 48,000 Civilians Killed by US Drone and Airstrikes During “War on Terror”

Real Cause of the US Defeat in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Proved ‘Bleeding Wound’ of the US

US Defeat in Afghanistan Is Opening a Pandora’s Box

wocomo HISTORY | Ron Orders – Afghanistan Before the Russian Invasion (1979) (Documentary)

UK Believes Russia and China Can Act as "Moderating Influence" Over Taliban

No Amount of PR Can Mask the UK's Failure in Afghanistan

West Condemns, Taliban Achieves Victory

"An Egregious Act of Dishonor" - Afghanistan Falls to the Taliban, Again

wocomo HISTORY | Ron Orders – Afghanistan Before the Russian Invasion (1979) (Documentary)

US Defeat in Kabul to Increase Domestic Rejection of Biden

Afghanistan: The Worst US Failure in Recent Decades

Al Jazeera – Taliban enters presidential palace in Kabul + WION – Taliban claims taking control over Presidential Palace as Ashraf Ghani flees Afghanistan

World Affairs | Prashant Dhawan – Fall of Kabul | Taliban wins in Afghanistan | Impact on India

The Banality of Allied Evil as 18-Year-Old Youth gunned down and left to die by cops

Can we ever forget the horrors of the night of 20th July 1999?

Paris Announces Troops Withdrawal From Mali, Admitting Failure of its Sahel Strategy

Exposure of Criminals Happening As Avalanche of Evidence Coming to the World

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